Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Neighborhood Library

Book Review for Ages 12 - 18

Silly Corny Jokes Laughter, is it really good for the soul?  Do you like to listen to corny jokes children tell? If you do, children can tell the funniest jokes with a straight face, or maybe they may have a sweet little smirk on their face to make you laugh.  To get an idea of what I am talking about,

Books from D.C. Public School's List

Washington Highlands Library has a book display filled with books that were selected by the DC Public Library and the D.C. Public Schools. Come check out a sample of the books on display and get a copy of the reading list.

Book Review

Two BobbiesAuthors: Kirby Larson and Mary NetheryIllustrated by:  Jean Cassels

High Noon Book Club Back in Session

The High Noon Book Club will be discussingThe Help by Kathryn Stockett onMonday Sept 13, 2010 at 12 NoonBooks are available at the Washington Highlands LibraryFor more Information call 202-243-1185

Start Your Own Back-to-School Book Club

Start the school year off with your very own back to school book club.

Grade 3-6 Book Review

Arthur’s Computer DisasterBy:  Marc BrownGrades:  3-6Arthur has a new computer game called Deep Dark Sea that he is hooked on.He wants to play the game on the computer every chance he gets.  When his mother was leaving for work, she told him not to play

Airhead Series by Meg Cabot

Ages 12 and Up

Em Watts is your typical high school braniac. She shuns fashion for a more comfortable, yet sloppy look. She pretends that she doesn’t care when the cool kids at her specialty high school shun her. And she is in love with her best friend, Christopher.

"Floods": Quick, Informative Book for Kids

Floods by Libby Koponen is a very interesting book for fourth graders and up.

African-American Hot Picks

Come into the library, and check out these new African-American authors:Secrets of A Soap Opera Diva by Victoria Powell  Seasons of Change by Rena Finney