The Dream Lab

The Dream Lab

The Labs at DC Public Library

The Dream Lab is a collaborative, shared space for small organizations, groups and individuals using technologies to develop and sustain new ventures. All Dream Lab Members must be a DC Public Library cardholder.

In exchange for free co-working space in the Dream Lab, each individual or organizational members is required to provide a minimum of one (1) hour of public programming per month related to information technologies and/or digital literacy.

Current and past Dream Lab members include MapStory. Hear from some members of the Dream Lab in the Library's Stories from the Dream Lab podcast.

How do I become a Dream Lab member?
Small organizations, groups and individuals using information technologies to develop and sustain new ventures can apply using the Dream Lab application form. Membership applications require a commitment of one hour of programming per month related to IT or digital literacy, and must be resubmitted every six months for renewal.

Please note: The Dream Lab program will be operational until library operations temporarily relocate from the 901 G St. location for the MLK Library Modernization. Find out more details about the modernization, such as timeline, at

How do I reserve space in the Dream Lab?
Workspace in the Dream Lab is reserved to members on a first-come, first-served basis during open hours Monday-Friday until 5 p.m. 

What's included in the Dream Lab space?
The Dream Lab is an open collaborative space with tables, chairs, power, WiFi, SMART boards, a projector and a DVD player.

What are the rules for the Dream Lab?
Rules for the Dream Lab and Co-Working Space can be found in the Co-Working Space and Dream Lab Policy.

What if I have other questions?
Contact Us! We'd be happy to answer your questions.