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Dating Etiquette and Romantic Expressions

Book Display

Do you think the Golden Rule holds meaning for today's dating scene?Do you treat your dates the way you want them to treat you?Are you being treated right?Come to Teen Space to browse a display of dating etiquette books along with novels and poems about romance.

DisordR, The Play

Live Stage Play on Hoarding

Take a sensitive look at this serious subject. “DisordR, The Play,” starring Hilary Kacser, reveals humor as the heroine, Pakrat Patty, laughs to keep from crying. Share her struggle with Collector-itis and Disposophobia as she fights her Obsessive Compulsion: Never to let go. 

Teen Book Reviews

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of horror movies.  The onscreen blood and gore turns my stomach, and I don’t like the surprises of a killer/monster/zombie horde leaping out and winnowing down the cast.  But horror in a book I can usually take, especially if there’s a great story behind it.  A good example would by

Spring into Early Literacy

The change of season is a wonderful time to introduce early literacy skills with babies and toddlers.  The National Research Council recommends that children enter school with specific skills that prepare them to benefit more from classroom instruction. 

So ... You Want To Get A Book Published?

A seminar presented by author Diane S. Nine

Diane S. Nine, local author and president of Nine Speakers Inc. will share expert tips and strategies from her book, GET PUBLISHED: A Guide to Literary Tips, Traps & Truth. Nine Speakers Inc. is an entertainment agency representing people across the world in a number of areas including the literary, theatrical, film and television arenas. 

There's a Cherry Tree in the Children's Division!

Spring blossom update

At last, the tree in the hall just outside the Children's Division has burst forth in blossoms, revealing its true identity -- it is a cherry tree!  Just like the famed Washington, D.C. cherry trees that are blooming along the Tidal Basin.Enjoy the history and beauty of the District's favorite flowers at home or all year-round with these great children's books:

Teen Staff in the Spotlight

The endless intrigue of Brandon Digwood

The graphic novels he excels at may be full of mystery, adventure and no small dose of suspense -- as is Mr. Brandon, the man himself!  I was fortunate enough to snag a few top-secret words with him ... which I then leaked to this website.  Shhh, don't tell!So, Mr. Brandon -- is that your undercover alias, or am I not allowed to know?

Financial Literacy: Can I Afford My Life?

Budgeting, Credit Repair, Debt Managemen, and Wealth Building

The DC Public Library and Capital Area Asset Builders present a seminar on financial literacy. Topics include:budgetingcredit repairdebt managementwealth buildingother financial education topics.We meet April 29 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Auditorium, room A-5. Call us at 202-727-1161 or visit us online. 

'Back of the House: The Secret Life of a Restaurant'

When a food writer who is also a clinical psychologist writes a book about one of the country's top restaurants, the result is a foodie's delight, a resource for anyone who wonders what being a top chef really involves; and if the writer is Scott Haas, a great read full of equally great insights into the people.