The Labs at DC Public Library

The Labs at DC Public Library

Learn. Make. Collaborate.

The Labs at DC Public Library


The Labs at DC Public Library are currently closed, pending a move to an interim location. Please check The Road to MLK Future for updates on the Martin Luther King Jr. Library modernization and interim services.

Digital Commons Dream Lab
Fab Lab Studio Lab
Memory Lab  
Each space gives you an opportunity to learn new skills, turn your ideas into action and collaborate with others. Click the logos above or scroll down for details on what each space can do for you. The Labs are located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library at 901 G St. NW.

You can sign up for orientations and classes for the Fab Lab and Studio Lab online.

Institute of Museum and Library ServicesThe technology in the Digital Commons, Fab Lab and Studio Lab are made possible in part by the Institute or Museum and Library Services. 

What's Happening

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Digital Commons

The Digital Commons is located on the first floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. While it houses more than 70 public access computers, the Digital Commons is not just a computer lab: It offers four computers loaded with software like the Adobe Creative Suite; access to tools like an Espresso Book Machine; and enhanced meeting rooms and gathering spaces aimed at encouraging creation and innovation.

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Dream Lab

The Dream Lab is a collaborative, shared space for small organizations, groups and individuals using technologies to develop and sustain new ventures. All Dream Lab Members must be a DC Public Library cardholder.

In exchange for free co-working space in the Dream Lab, each individual or organization member is required to provide a minimum of one (1) hour of public programming per month related to information technologies and/or digital literacy.

You can find out more about the Dream Lab at

Fab Lab

The Fabrication Lab -- or "Fab Lab" -- opened May 29, 2015 with Mayor Muriel Bowser in attendance. It offers programs for all ages and is open for space and equipment reservations for customers ages 13 and older.

All participants will have to sign a waiver and go through basic orientation before using the lab; specialized orientations are required to use additional equipment, including:
  • Laser Cutter
  • 3-D Printer
  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines
  • DIWire
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Studio Lab

The Studio Lab has three rooms:
  • Digital Production Lab
  • Main Production Studio
  • Video and Photo Editing Suite

The Studio Lab offers programs for all ages and can be reserved by customers ages 13 and older for up to 6 hours per month.

All participants must complete a Studio Lab orientation and sign a waiver on their first reservation.

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Memory Lab

The Memory Lab provides equipment for digitizing home movies and scanning photographs and slides. You can also take classes and find resources for your personal archiving needs.

Orientations are not required but drop-ins are strongly encouraged. You must provide your own storage environment, such as an external hard drive or a Google Drive/iCloud account.

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