Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Woodridge Library Construction Project

Updated: October 8, 2013

What is the timeline for construction of the new Woodridge Library?
The building closed on October 27, 2013 at 5 p.m. Construction is underway The new Woodridge Library will open in 2016.

Will there be an interim library during construction?  If so, where will it be located?
There is an interim library located three blocks south of the library at 1790 Douglas St. NE. The interim space is a 4,200 square foot, modular unit.The phone number is (202) 541-6226.

What will happen to the books and other library materials during construction?
Many of the items will go into the interim library. Some will be sent to other library locations. Some may be stored and returned to the library when it reopens. The interim collection size is approximately 15,000 items.

Is the design final?  If so, what will the new building look like?
The design is final.  The design is one of a solid, earthy building with large openings at the front to invite customers in and at the rear to direct views to the park. In addition, the building will feature a large skylight to bring light in through the roof. You can view the design images at

Will there be street or sidewalk closings during construction?
Decisions about street and sidewalk closings will be made as part of the construction plan that must be submitted to the D.C. Department of Transportation prior to the start of construction. It is likely that a portion of the sidewalk will be closed for pedestrian safety and to provide sufficient space for staging the construction site.

How many parking spaces will be available?
The design includes parking for 11 vehicles on the rear of the building.

What will be done to minimize noise from the children’s area to the upper floors?
The design of the Woodridge Library, much like other new libraries, is to have open spaces that allow flexibility and connect, rather than isolate, the spaces. Materials will be used to reduce sound within the spaces.

Will the new library have a meeting room?
The new library will have a large meeting room for 100 people and two conference rooms for 12-16 people. In addition, the library will have four quiet study rooms for 1-2 people.

Will the new building have security?
The new building will have security cameras in every area of the building, except the bathrooms. These cameras can be monitored by staff in the building as well as staff at the central library.

Can customers enter the library from the parking lot?
The public entrance to the library will be on Hamlin Street. There is a service entrance on the rear that leads to the alley. This entrance will be used for things like supply deliveries and trash removal. Adding an additional rear entrance would have required staffing to supervise the entry as well as an additional information desk.

Is the Library planning to close off Hamlin Street and is the Library consulting with the Metropolitan Police about this idea?
Currently, the Library does not have plans to close off Hamlin Street.

What is the cost for the project?
The design and construction budget for the new Woodridge Library is $16.5 million.

Will the restrooms be locked?
Generally, restrooms in the library are not locked, unless incidents of vandalism make it necessary to do so.

Will the new library have a café?
Though early designs included a space for a café, this space was eliminated in the final design.  Feedback from the community and the Commission on Fine Arts expressed a desire for an enlarged entrance with more windows.  By enlarging the entryway and repositioning the book drops we were able to accomplish the desired result.  This repositioning also provided the additional space needed for a book drop room adjacent to the staff work room. The recent additions of Taylor Gourmet deli and Zeke's Coffee shop on Rhode Island Ave. near the new Woodridge Library will give customers options for food and drink in the neighborhood without the barriers of a café in the library. Library rules allow covered, non-alcoholic beverages to be consumed in the building. Food can be consumed prior to entering the library or at pre-approved library events.

Will the building have solar panels?
The new building will include a number of environmentally-friendly features, including a green roof. This feature will reduce storm water run off from the building and will help keep the building cool in the summer. The building is designed to achieve a minimum of LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. It will not have solar panels.

Will children be allowed to play on the green roof?
The design of the green roof does not allow for children to play.  However, educational opportunities for children as well as adults can be coordinated by the Woodridge Library staff.  For example, with the previous new libraries, there have been organized tours of the environmentally-friendly elements of the building for adults and students and information about the green elements distributed to the public.

Who will be responsible for maintaining the green roof and other landscaping?
All landscaping will be maintained by the Library.

Where will the heating and air conditioning units be located?
The mechanical equipment will be in the basement of the library, to allow more space on the upper levels and roof for library services. This will provide a more generous green roof area and will mean there will be no noise on the reading terrace from mechanical units.

Will there be art permanently displayed in the new library?
The budget for the design and construction of the new Woodridge Library does not include funds for permanent art in the library.

How can I learn more about the project?
To learn more about the project, including dates for community meetings, visit