Mrs. A. T. Brown Photograph Album, 1863

Mrs. A. T. Brown Photograph Album, 1863

In the Peabody Room at Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Mrs. A. T. Brown Photograph Album, 1863
Collection No. 92

A Peabody Room report dated 1956-57 indicated, “Among notable gifts to the Room are two albums of photographs, one of boys, the other of girls who attended Mrs. Brown’s School at 3010 O St. in the 1860s, from Mrs. Anne Brown Mills, of Bradenton, Florida.”  The album in collection #92 contains only photographs of male students (along with numerous 19th century photographs of famous government officials, presidents, cabinet officers, and Civil War officers). The existence of a second photograph album containing images of female students has never been known to have been housed in the Peabody Room since 2000.
The photograph album contains 47 identified portraits with some individuals represented by more than one photo.  Five individuals are unidentified (two adult females and three adult males) and one photograph of a male and female couple  is only identified by first names. A series list follows identifying subjects in alphabetical (surname) order with photographer information noted and page number of album where image is located.  Genealogical information on Mrs. Brown located to date is included in the collection.
  • While inscribed “Presented to Mrs. A. T. Brown, as a memento of their affection & esteem, by her Scholars,” followed by 31 names (first initial and surname only) and dated Christmas, 1863, use of the initials “A. T.” is cause for some confusion.
  • (While the “T” might look like a “G,” comparison with the similar font style of the upper case “T” utilized in The New York Times makes it appear to be a “T.”)
  • Mrs. Elizabeth A. Brown (1811-1900) was a documented Georgetown school teacher of boys who taught out of the rear of 91 Beal Street, today’s 3010 O Street, NW.   The front of 91 Beal/3010 O was a girls’ school operated by Rebecca Tenney, who was Elizabeth’s sister or aunt (see 1880 and 1900 US Census).
  • The only reference that could be found to Mrs. Brown’s husband was located in “DC Marriage Licenses 1811-1858” with the listing of Elizabeth Ann Tenny (no second “e”) marrying Joseph Brown on February 14, 1835 in Washington, DC.  No additional information on Mr. Brown using standard genealogical resources could be located.
  • It is theorized that Mrs. Brown was known by some as “Ann” and thus the initials “A. T.” stand for “Ann Tenney” (Tenney being her maiden name).
Original placement of photographs within album was altered so as to allow examination of textual information on reverse.  A surrogate of the album showing original positioning of images was made and is housed within the collection.
No known reproduction restrictions are on this collection.

Auger, Ford S. child47
Banks, Nathaniel P.  21
Beall, John ElijahB.P. Paige, DCstudent6
Bronaugh, John W.Gardner, DC 41
Bronaugh, FrankGardner, DCstudent6
Brown, Henry W.Brady's, NY 47
Brown, NettieD. H. Cole, DC"For dear Aunt Lizzie with the love of her niece"49
Brown, NettieR. Walzl, Balt."For Aunt Elizabeth Brown"
"Sadie and boy Lee"[?]
Burnside, AmbroseE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 23
Chase, Salmon P. etching13
Chase, Salmon P.Brady's, NY 37
Craig, Simpson Ames child10
Custer, George ArmstrongE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 31
Deeble, W. RileyGardnerchild13
Deeble, W. RileyPhilp & Solomon's, DCchild. USIR stamp12
Dix, John AdamsE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 27
Foote, Andrew HullE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 19
Gallatin, Albert etching15
Godey, Edward child7
Godey, RobertJohn Goldin, DC 43
Godey, WalterCooper, Gtwnchild10
Godey, William H.John Holyland, DCstudent7
Grant, Ulysses S.Brady's, DC 1
JohnBendann, Balt.USIR stamp
"Aunt Lizzie from her affectionate nephew John & Sadie. I wish I Had one for Joe And? but they will Have to look at this."
Johnson, AndrewBrady's, DCApril 186535
Hamilton, Alexander etching13
Kilpatrick, Hugh JudsonE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 29
Kurtz, William H.D.W. Curtis, Gtwn186341
Lazenby, John B.John Goldin, DCstudent11
Lincoln, AbrahamBrady's, DC18651
Lincoln, Abraham etching12
Lincoln, MaryBrady's, DC 1
Lincoln, Thomas "Tad"Brady's, DCwith A. Lincoln1
Meade, GeorgeE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 21
Meigs, Montgomery C.E. Anthony via Brady's, NY 33
Memmert, JohnLouis Frenzel, Gtwnchild11
Moffat, FredericJohn Goldin, DCchild8
Newton, JohnE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 33
Scott, WilliamNew York 39
Sedgwick, JohnE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 25
Seward, William H.Brady's 37
Sheridan, Philip H.Brady's, DC 35
Sherman, William T.E. & H.T. Anthony, NY 19
Sickles, DanielE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 31
Stanton, Edwin M.Brady's, DC 17
Stoneman, Jr., GeorgeE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 29
Sumner, Edwin VoseE. & H.T. Anthony via Brady's, NY 25
Thomas, George HenryE. & H.T. Anthony, NY 27
Warren, Gouverneur K.E. & H.T. Anthony, NY 25
Washington, George etching12
Welles, GideonBrady's, DC 17
Yarnall, John H. student9
Unidentified femaleR.W. Addis, DCadultMylar
Unidentified femaleA. Langer, West Point, NEadultMylar
Unidentified maleAlex. Gardner / Philp & Solomons, DCadultMylar
Unidentified maleKertson & Barker, NYadultMylar
Unidentified maleJ. Goldin, DCadultMylar

Prepared by Jerry A. McCoy
July 2013
DC Public Library Special Collections
Peabody Room
Georgetown Neighborhood Library
3260 R St. NW
Washington, DC 20007