WE DID IT!: '100 by Summer' Made 140+ Sign-ups!

Benning (Dorothy I. Height) Library

WE DID IT!: '100 by Summer' Made 140+ Sign-ups!

100 by Summer

I’d already shelved my books and was running back and forth to help customers. It was a regular day.But, I noticed something. I’d engaged with a number of customers who didn’t have library cards. How could this be? Then I remember saying, “100 by Summer.” This was sometime in March.
My vision  for “100 by Summer” was to develop an initiative that could not only get me out  into the community but, more than anything,  benefit the people of DC in a great way.
Working at the library, I get to experience, first-hand, the amazing resources that we
have. We have a beautiful and diverse collection of print and electronic literature, cozy meeting room spaces, and our online language learner(Mango) is quite neat. Guess what? That little library card gives you all access to those things.

So on April  15, “100 by Summer “ was launched. I visited schools,  children’s organizations, senior citizen facilities, and community events---all to put library cards into the hands of the community. Benning Library’s fantastic circulation staff was also a great help in signing up patrons inside our actual branch. By our deadline of June 21, we officially signed up 140+ people for library cards
via this program. We exceeded our goal and assisted in the growth of the  DC community in some way. I am proud.
I would like to give a thank you to a specific crowd. Those on this list greatly assisted me in sign-ups or
let me into their communities. I really thank you all.If you were left off of this list, please forgive me.
I value your help, as-well.
The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington
Neval Thomas Elementary School
Carver Senior Apartments
Virgil Armstrong (Adult Librarian, Benning)
Madeline McKee (Children’s Librarian, Benning)
Franklin Owens (Library Technician, Benning)
Jasmine Wolfe (Library Technician, Benning)
Jennifer Gross (Library Technician, Benning)
Darryl Johnson (Library Technician, Benning)
Glenn Allen (Library Technician, Benning)
Cheyenne Dohawk (Library Technician, Benning)
Never underestimate the  power of a small thought. This small thought can be a big help! “100 by Summer” taught me that.

*Photo: Myself and the Lovely Ladies of Carver Senior Apartments
My Best,
Diamond Newman