Explore Careers

Explore Careers

Are you a teenager starting to think about what kind of jobs you might like? Did you just graduate from college? Or perhaps it’s time for a midlife career change. At these and other stages of your life, you may find that it’s time to explore the many career options available in the world. This section will help you explore various kinds of jobs, and research the requirements for those jobs. 

If you’re just entering the working world, you may want to start with online resources. Here you’ll find links to websites that can tell you about different career fields and take career interest tests--all to help you find the one that’s right for you.  We only list sites that provide at least some free information.

Already have a dream job in mind? The online resources can help you determine the education level, certifications, computer skills, and other knowledge you’ll need to enter the field.

Also, consider arranging a few informational interviews with established professionals in your chosen field. Not sure what to ask? The Informational Interviews section has links to tutorials and advice for getting the most out of these sessions. 

Once you’ve spoken to people working in the field, it’s time to try it yourself. The “Volunteer/Intern” section will help you find opportunities to get some hands-on experience as you begin your new career.

There are a number of great books out there to help you explore your career interests, the most famous of which is What Color is Your Parachute? See the rotating list at left for more suggestions, or click on Recommended Reads to see them all.