DC Public Library Passport Acceptance Center

DC Public Library Passport Acceptance Center

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As an enhancement to DC Public Library services and a convenience to the community, the library accepts NEW passport applications on behalf of the U.S. Department of State. Passport applications will be processed and mailed to the applicant by the Department of State. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your passport. Each application requires two separate payments for fees owed to the Department of State and D.C. Treasurer. Cash and credit cards are not accepted. We only accept checks (no starter checks) and money orders.
To improve your chances of being seen, it is recommended that:

  • You complete the passport application before you arrive to the Passport Office
  • Arrive at least one hour prior to the Passport Office closing
The status of your application should be available online 7-10 days after the Department of State receives your application. To check the status, you will need to provide your last name, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth at the Department of State’s website.
DC Public Library does NOT accept passport renewals. If you are planning to travel within two weeks, YOU NEED TO APPLY IN PERSON at the Washington Passport Agency. You must call 877-487-2778 to schedule an appointment. The address is 600 19th St NW, First Floor – Sidewalk Level, Washington, DC 20006.
Where is the Passport Office at the Library?
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
901 G Street, NW
Room 315
Washington, DC 20001

What are the Hours?
  • Tuesday through Thursday, 3 - 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Closed on Monday, Fridays, Sundays and Holidays
  • No appointment is necessary, but please be aware that the Passport Office is very busy. It takes time to complete the application process and the staff are only able to complete as many applications as time allows. This may cause a wait during peak times on Saturdays and in the evenings. Wait times should be expected. Please be patient. We will provide you with a pager so you may explore the library while you wait. We encourage you to attend a story time with your child in the Children’s Room, check your email using a computer in Digital Commons, or get a library card at the check out desk in the Great Hall. Please also be aware that if you come during the later hours of the day, you may not be seen.
What Do I Need to Apply?
  • The applicant (regardless of age) must appear in person. All applicants must be present to begin the process.
  • Two separate payments are required per application. Only a check or money order will be accepted. One payment will cover the Department of State fees; the second payment will cover the DC Public Library fees. Make a separate check (no starter checks) or money order payable to the Department of State and the D.C. Treasurer (for DC Public Library fees).
  • Proof of Identity (Valid Driver's License, State ID Card, Military ID, Passport). Learner's Permits are not accepted by the Department of State.
  • A completed application form, DS-11. The form must be filled-in using a black ink pen. However, please do not sign the form until you are requested to do so by the Passport Acceptance Agent at the DC Public Library.
  • A social security number is required for each applicant.
  • Proof of US Citizenship (photocopies not acceptable): Government issued US Birth Certificate featuring parent(s) names with an official seal and signature; OR Naturalization Certificate; OR Previously issued US passport.
  • Applicants ages birth-15 must be accompanied by at least one parent presenting proof of relationship to the minor child, such as a birth certificate or adoption papers. Whoever is listed on the birth certificate or adoption papers must appear. If two parents are listed, one parent may appear with a notarized consent form, DS-3053, and a photocopy of both sides of the non-appearing parent’s ID. Notary services may be offered at institutions like banks and post offices. A foster parent/legal guardian must present court documents that identify them as the court appointed foster parent/legal guardian to the minor child.
  • For applicants 16 and 17 years old, only one parent needs to be present with the applicant.
  • One 2” x 2” passport photo per applicant with a white background (available at the DC Public Library for $15). Your passport photo must meet the State Department’s Photo Requirements.
What are Additional Cases or Situations?
  • If you have had a passport under a different name, please bring evidence to support the name change.
  • For children deriving citizenship through parents: parent's naturalization certificate, child's permanent resident card and child's birth certificate are required. If the birth certificate is not in English, a certified English translation is required. Certified English translation service providers include: TransCertified, Cinch Translations, and Rev.com.
What are the Costs?
There are several types of payments involved and amounts vary depending on the product you need. In addition, there are two separate fees to be paid. The first fee is to the Department of State and the second fee is to the D.C. Treasurer.
What are the Fees for the Department of State?
Passport costs are payable by check (no starter checks) or money order ONLY. A separate check or money order, payable to the Department of State, is required for each applicant. 
Product Cost
(Does not include DC Public Library Fees)
Estimated Processing Time
Passport Book - age 16 and over $110 4-6 weeks
Passport Book - age 15 and under $80 4-6 weeks
EXPEDITED Passport Book - age 16 and over $110 + $60 = $170 3-4 weeks
EXPEDITED Passport Book - age 15 and under $80 + $60 = $140 3-4 weeks
NOTE: A Passport Book is valid for international travel by air, sea or land.
Passport Card - age 16 and over $30 4-6 weeks
Passport Card - age 15 and under $15 4-6 weeks
EXPEDITED Passport Card $30 + $60 = $90 3-4 weeks
EXPEDITED Passport Card - age 15 and under $15 + $60 = $75 3-4 weeks
NOTE: A Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land crossing or sea ports-of-entry. The Passport Card cannot be used for international travel by air.    
Overnight delivery return of completed passport $15.45  

What are the Fees for the DC Public Library?
Processing costs are payable by check (no starter checks) or money order ONLY.
A separate check or money, payable to the D.C. Treasurer, is required for each applicant.
Product Cost
Processing Fee $25 per applicant
Photo Fee – there is no fee if you already have an acceptable passport photo $15 per applicant
 Download the printable Passport Acceptance Center brochure here.