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September Teen/Tween Programs

Teen of Distinction ApplicationWednesday, Sept. 4 and Thursday, Sept. 5 at 4 p.m. Teen AreaTeens, the Teens of Distinction application deadline is fast approaching. The Teen Job Seekers Clinic will help with resume and application prep, and provide helpful tips for the interview process. DIY Duct Tape

Recent Reads: What You Think

A patron read Unleashed by David Rosenfelt and couldn't put it down. 

Meet our Summer Reading Grand Prize Winners!

Amelia, age 7, enjoyed participating in the Summer Reading Program.She had to read for eight hours for her name to be put in the drawing for the Kindle Fire. And what do you know, Amelia won!She says she will share the Kindle Fire with her two brothers, and will use it to read e-books and to play games on the Internet. One of her favorite places to read is in the tree house in her backyard. 

What Does Ernest Hemingway Want You to Read?

In 1934, Ernest Hemingway wrote a list of suggested reading for a young aspiring writer who had hitchhiked from Minnesota to Florida to meet his idol.

Louis Armstrong: Jazz Ambassador to the World

Louis Armstrong, one of the most famous performers of his time, was born in New Orleans, probably in August, 1901. He had little formal education or musical training. At the height of his popularity, Armstrong sold more records than the Beatles.Armstrong travelled all over the world introducing jazz, a uniquely American style of music, to his legions of fans. Petworth Library has a display of books and other materials about Louis Armstrong and jazz, including:

Fractured Fairy Tales

Stories That You Know, With a Silly Twist!

Have you ever wondered what happened after "happily ever after," or after the dish ran away with the spoon?There are many picture books available that explore traditional fairy tales after the "happily ever after" ending, or offer a different point of view.We've been having a lot of fun reading them, and exploring how we would change aspects of our favorite tales.

Summer Reading 2013 Finale: A Parachute Party!

As summer comes to a close, enjoy a Summer Reading finale ... a parachute party! 

Writing From the Heart

A Writer's Workshop for the Mature and Motivated

Are you 50+ years old and have a story you’d love to put down on paper, share with friends, family, your community, (or dream of selling via Amazon)? Are you currently writing or would you like to begin a short story, novel, or screenplay? 

What Have You Read and What Did You Think?

A patron read Lost Daughters by Mary Monroe. She couldn't put it down. 

We're Taking a Break...

There will be a story time hiatus from August 26 to September 9. We will use this time to prepare for the new school year and to plan new programs.Stay tuned-Story time will resume September 9.