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Fractured Fairy Tales

Stories That You Know, With a Silly Twist!

Have you ever wondered what happened after "happily ever after," or after the dish ran away with the spoon?There are many picture books available that explore traditional fairy tales after the "happily ever after" ending, or offer a different point of view.We've been having a lot of fun reading them, and exploring how we would change aspects of our favorite tales.

Summer Reading 2013 Finale: A Parachute Party!

As summer comes to a close, enjoy a Summer Reading finale ... a parachute party! 

Writing From the Heart

A Writer's Workshop for the Mature and Motivated

Are you 50+ years old and have a story you’d love to put down on paper, share with friends, family, your community, (or dream of selling via Amazon)? Are you currently writing or would you like to begin a short story, novel, or screenplay? 

What Have You Read and What Did You Think?

A patron read Lost Daughters by Mary Monroe. She couldn't put it down. 

We're Taking a Break...

There will be a story time hiatus from August 26 to September 9. We will use this time to prepare for the new school year and to plan new programs.Stay tuned-Story time will resume September 9.

'The Borrowers' Book Review

Tiny People Meet Human "Beans"

Pod, Homily and Arrietty are Borrowers: They live hidden in the houses of human "beans," and borrow small things, here and there, as they need them. Borrowers are about the size of a pencil, and live in large, quiet houses where they can keep track of where the humans are.

'A Book That Shaped Me'

Rising fifth- and sixth-graders asked to write

The Library of Congress is sponsoring a summer essay contest with public libraries encouraging rising fifth- and sixth-grade students to reflect on a book that has made a personal impact in their lives. DC Public Libraries are participating in this program, including the Petworth Library.

Tell Us About What You're Reading

A patron read The Body in the Piazza by Katherine Hall Page. She thought it was good."Liked the description of Italy and the cooking," she wrote.


Anime, Comics, Manga and Beyond

Librari-Con:Librari-Con is a multigenerational programming event that will provide information and expose to the world of anime, comics, and manga to library customers of all ages! Come out and connect with the  community through culturally based activities, hobbies, and interests held throughout the library.Date:Saturday, July 27Time: 

What You're Reading

A patron read Pacific by Tom Drury.They didn't finish it."Too much like bad television," they wrote, "shallow, superficial and tedious."