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It's True!

Reading Nonfiction with Young Children

Do you know a child who is obsessed with dinosaurs?

World Teacher's Day, Hooray!

A Sunday Family FunDay program

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, our upcoming

Do Your Ears A Favor!

The definitive L.A. Theatre Works collection now available


Fit Kids, Hooray!

A Sunday Family Funday Program

In recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, our upcoming Sunday Family Funday on Sept. 28 at 2 p.m.

Washington and Baltimore Art Deco

Staff Recommendation

The Uptown movie theater. The Kennedy-Warren apartment building. The John Adams Annex Building of the Library of Congress. What do these three Washington buildings have in common? They are built in the Art Deco architectural style.

Reader's Theatre

Featuring 'The Gingerbread Boy'

Calling all readers!

Kazuno Kohara

Spotlight on Author/Illustrator

Kazuno Kohara rocks!

Read to Your Baby

Think your baby is too young to be introduced to reading?Not at all!Reading to your baby helps your baby become familiar with books and sets the stage for your baby to learn how to read. Children who are read to when they are very young are more ready to learn to read when they start school. When you are reading to your baby, it is more important to focus on the sound of words, rather than the meaning of the words.Select books with rhymes, songs, and interesting sounds. Books with animal sounds are always fun. You can make the animal sounds together.

Spotlight on New Teen Reads

'Let's Get Lost' by Adi Alsaid

Adi Alsaid’s debut,

Friday Five

Artist Biographies

Welcome to Northeast Library's blog series, Your Friday Five!Each week, the children's and teen staff will round up five of their favorite resources and reads around a certain topic. This Friday, we are highlighting great artist biographies.A few weeks ago, during our Wacky Wednesdays program, we played a handful of fun art-based games such as Art iSpy and Roll a Dice Picasscohead. I noticed that in the biography section (Juv 92) we've got a healthy handful of great picturebooks about famous artists. Here are a few of my top choices: