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Moomins on the Riviera

Animated Film (2014) In English Age: All Ages Duration: 80 mins. When shipwrecked pirates invade the formerly peaceful Moomin Valley, the Moomins, Snorkmaiden, and Little My decide it’s time to take a vacation — so away the hippo household goes, in search of adventure.
Croatian Film

Kids Euro Festival

You're invited to Screening of the Croatian hit family movie "The Mysterious Boy" Live Action Film in Croatian with English Subtitles
Kids Euro Fest LogoScience Made Simple

Kids Euro Festival: The U.K. - The Science Behind Music

How do we make sounds, record sounds, and see sounds? This sensational presentation from Science Made Simple — the United Kingdom’s leading science show company, and a winner of multiple awards for their work — features lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, revealing secrets from the basics of sound to the very latest in music technology.
Kids Euro Fest

European Folktales

Join us for European folktales and crafts in celebration of Kids Euro Festival! Light refreshments included! Recommended for ages 6-10.
Greece by Madeline Donaldson

Kids' Euro Fest: Explore Greece

Come hear the myths of ancient Greece, learn about the customs of the time, and enjoy fun crafts and activities. Ages 5-12
Endele Vendele performance

Kids' Euro Fest: Endele Vendele

Learn To Tell a Tall Czech Tale!Does your family like stories? Almost everyone enjoys a tall tale — kids, moms and dads, grandmoms and grandads. In this workshop, you and your favorite grown-ups discover the folk and fairytale traditions of the Czech Republic, and learn some fables, riddles, and songs to tell and sing at home for your relatives and friends. The Theatre Viola's performance of Endele Vendele has toured many European countries, and now you can be a part of the Washington premiere!  
A picture of rainbow colored gummy bears

European Tastes and Tales

  Ever wonder what food children enjoy in other countries? Join us for an introduction to European folktales and recipes, while sampling treats from corresponding countries. For all ages.  
A picture of Julia Tasheva telling folktales with yarn

Storyteller Julia Tasheva

Baba Marta’s Yarn A Puppetry / Storytelling Performance
Art by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

Hungry Like the Wolf: Re-Tellings of the Red Riding Hood Tale

Over the years, Little Red Riding Hood, a story that originated in France and was collected and written down by Charles Perrault, has been adapted and re-told many times. It remains a fascinating tale and the West End Interim Library welcomes families with children ages 3 to 7 to attend a story-time that will present several versions of the classic tale. The story will become new and exciting again for those who have heard the classic version before, and will be enjoyed by those experiencing it for the first time.  

Oktoberfest and Grimm's Fairy Tales

Let's celebrate Oktoberfest with root beer, pretzels and Grimm's fairy tales. We'll also listen to German music. This program is for ages 4 and up.