Computer Classes

Intro to 3-D Scanning

The 3-D Printer is coming from Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library to Francis Gregory Library March 27-29!Staff from the Digital Commons will be leading a series of classes on how to use the 3-D printer.Do you have something (or someone) that would make a great three dimensional model? Bring them to Intro to 3-D Scanning! Using free software and tablet computers, we will take 3-D scans of people and things while learning about the different ways to take objects from our world to the digital world.

Genealogy and Black Studies Center Database Workshop

Beginning to trace your Family Tree? Maybe you have researched a good amount of your family history  and are seeking other resources to help you dig deeper in to your roots. Or do you have a particular interest in African American Studies and would like to know how to conduct research online?Instructors: K. Navies and K. DesperttComputer Lab, Room 311

Step Into Genealogy Online Resources

A few tips for those researching their family history:Always use a variety of resources - from local newspapers to census records, you never know what you may discover!Spread the word to your family members - you never know what stories or leads you may unearth!And don't give up - patience and diligence are your two best friends when doing genealogical research!Need

Step Into Consumer and Do-it-Yourself Online Resources

If you're in need of a new doctor or even a new hair salon or maybe you're in search of some stocks to invest in, the Consumer and Do-it-Yourself Online Resources class will have the information you need to get started on your search.

Step Into Art, Music and Literature Online Resources

Celebrate May's Live to Read, DC's citywide celebration of literature, by learning about the library's Art, Music and Literature Online Resources and how you can use them to find literary criticism and so much more! Join us in room 311 (third floor computer lab)

Step Into Art, Music and Literature Online Resources

"I'll turn my shimmering gaze towards the Library,my love for it spreading to the crowdswhich will begin to sway softly and singto themselves of better days that have passedand been forgotten."-Excerpt from Love Poem for the Forty-Second Street Library by David Ignatow

Step Into Government and Law Online Resources

The basic foundations of our nation rely on both the Government and the Law.

Step Into Readers' Resources Online

Have you exhausted your favorite author's writings? Are you in need of some suggestions on what to read next? Check out DCPL's Readers' Resources for book suggestions, read-a-likes, author biographies, and more in room 311 (third floor computer lab)!

Step Into General Reference Online Resources

Whether you're just starting out with library research or you've been doing it for years, DCPL is here to help you fine tune your skills using our wide range of General Reference Online Resources.