Frida: Women's History Month Film Series at West End

Join us March 15 for the third film in our Women's History Month film series, "Frida"!

Caramel: Women's History Month Film Series at West End

Join us on March 7 for the second film in our Women's History Month film series, "Caramel"! Directed by Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, "Caramel" explores the lives of five women in modern Beirut. Their stories, problems, and dreams intertwine, highlighting a microcosm of women's experiences in modern Lebanon and globally.

Suffragette: Women's History Month Film Series at West End

Join us March 1 for the first film in our Women's History Month film series: "Suffragette"! Based on true events in the struggle in Britain for women's right to vote, it features Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Natalie Press as members of the women's suffrage movement at its most vigorous point, scant years before the First World War.

Yasuni Man

YASUNI MAN (USA, 2016, 93 MIN) Dir. Ryan Patrick Killackey Journey with us as we explore the Amazon rain forest through the eyes of Yasuni Man. This DC Environmental Film Festival documentary feature explores the Yasuni biosphere of Amazonian Ecuador, the world's most biodiverse forest, and the Waorani, an indigenous Amazonian tribe plagued by exploitation, deception and murder. It's a real-life Avatar story!

"After the Spill" - DC Environmental Film Festival

AFTER THE SPILL (USA, 2015, 62 MIN) DIRECTED BY JON BOWERMASTER Join us for a DC Environmental Film Festival Screening of this important topic that should concern us all.  On Earth Day 2010, the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded, flooding the Gulf of Mexico with crude oil and devastating the coastline.   Five years later this film uncovers the enduring impact of the catastrophe.  Meet the Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster following the screening.

"Freightened" - DC Environmental Film Festival

FREIGHTENED (USA, 2016, 84 MIN) Dir. Denis Delestrac A Powerful DC Environmental Film Festival Screening that looks at the how the cargo shipping industry moves goods around the world. 90% of the goods we consume in the West are manufactured in far-off lands and brought to us by ship. The cargo shipping industry is a key player in world economy and forms the basis of our very model of modern civilization.

Mulan: Women's History Month Film Series at West End

Join us at 3:30 on March 21st for a special midday screening in our Women's History Month film series, Mulan! Adapted into a musical film from a Chinese legend, it tells the story of the brave woman warrior Mulan, who disguises herself as a man to defend her country in the days of the Han Dynasty.
Women in Horror Month logo

Celebrate Women in Horror Month

Celebrate the 8th annual Women in Horror Month this February 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Northeast Library with a screening of "The Good Sisters". This independent film was shot in Havre de Grace, Maryland and is screened with permission from the filmmakers, Jimmyo and April Monique Burrill. 
star trek beyond

Space... The Final Frontier. Film Screening: Star Trek Beyond

The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test. (via
arrival movie poster

12 Spaceships Land... What Do They Want? Film Screening: Arrival

"Arrival" is based on the short story, The Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang.   Twelve ships land on earth linguist, Louise Fletcher, is called to interpret the language of the aliens.