Educational Programs

The Games Book

Adult Game Night

Join us at Northwest One Library to play classic games of skill, chance and wit. Stop by any time before game night to request your favorite game! We will do our best to accommodate requests and skill levels.  
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Neuroscience Discussions

Join William B. Marks, Ph.D. and attorney Jeanine Hull for a guided discussion of trauma and the brain.

Digital Estate Planning

Have you ever thought about your digital afterlife?  Learn what happens to your digital photos, files, and accounts after death, and how you can protect the priceless memories on your computer, phone, social media accounts, and email. Adults 
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Save Your History: A Digital Preservation Workshop

Do you ever wonder what to do with old family photos and crumbling albums? Think about if you'll ever be able to watch or listen to your home movies and old recordings ever again? What about how to manage and preserve your social media accounts, emails and digital files? We invite you, your families, and friends to attend this special presentation on preserving your history through personal archiving. Learn why personal archiving matters, and learn how to save:

​Personal Archiving with Facebook

You are using Facebook to keep and organize your digital memories, and it has us archivists a little worried! In this hands-on workshop at the Mt. Pleasant Library, you will download an archived copy of your Facebook profile to explore what actually gets saved (we'll provide laptops and flash drives if you cannot bring your own). Then, we’ll discuss what rights you have to your content even after death, how you can use some of Facebook’s features to enhance your archive, and what files you should probably keep somewhere else.

Destruction Derby

Do you have broken electronics that you want to repair or disassemble? This is a drop-in workshop where you can bring in your broken or discarded electronic devices to either repair them or to destroy them! Kids (6 and older) and teens welcome. Learn about electronics and DIY repair. Please note that you must have completed your Fab Lab orientation to attend this program. Sign up for orientation and other classes here.
Facebook Archiving

Digital Archiving with Facebook

Learn how to download your Facebook data and get started on a personal digital archive. Laptops will be provided for a hands-on experience, but bring your own if you have one. Register at:
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Learn to use Goodreads

Do you ever wish you had a way to keep track of all the books you read (besides good ol' pen and paper)? Would you like personalized recommendations to find your next favorite book? Would you like to be able to share what you've read with friends and discover new books based on what they've read? Goodreads might be for you! In this hour-long class, participants will learn the basics of how to get started using Goodreads, how to add and organize books using Goodreads, how to find book recommendations and friends, and more! 
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OverDrive Basics

Having trouble navigating OverDrive? This class will show you the basics of how to download ebooks, audiobooks and videos from the OverDrive app and desktop. Preferably, download the OverDrive app beforehand if you are not accessing OverDrive on a desktop computer.  Bring your fully charged device with you.  Dream Lab, Room 107$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:890176/ada?qu=Meditation&rw=12&te=ILS&rt=false%7C%7C%7CTITLE%7C%7C%7CTitle

Meditation: Balance Your Life

Please join the Lamond-Riggs Group Meditation Sessions from 7pm to 8pm on Thursday nights. The group meets once every two weeks starting August 11, 2016. Questions? Please contact librarian Liane Rosenblatt at 202-541-6255.