Pajama Movie Night

Cowboy Woody is jealous that the new Buzz Lightyear has replaced him as Andy’s favorite toy. View trailer.  Food, pillows, blankets, and PJs are welcome.     

Pajama Movie Night

Dory helps Marlin search for his abducted son, Nemo, in this fishy tale. View trailer. Food, pillows, blankets, and PJs are welcome.     

Pajama Movie Night

Gru, a super-villain, his three adopted daughters, and hoards of minions try to stop Vector from stealing the moon. View trailer. Food, pillows, blankets, and PJs are welcome.  

Pajama Movie Night

Emmet, an ordinary Lego construction worker, may be the key to saving his world from the Kragle. View trailer.  

Bubble Blast

Start with some curiosity, mix in a little science and throw in a dash of fun and voila - you have our bubble blast program! Learn about the science behind bubbles and join us as we experiment to make our super bubble recipe. You can even learn how to make your own bubble wand! For Ages 6 and up. 


Join us for an hour of building and playing with LEGOs! Kids will be given a theme each session to guide their creations, which will be featured on our branch’s website. 

Writing Workshop and Q & A with Kathryn Erskine

Writing Workshop and Q & A with Kathryn Erskine Kathryn Erskine is

S.T.E.A.M. Summer Fun

Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics? How about adding some Art? Join us to design, construct, discover, create, and so much more! Ages 6-12

Children's Programming Break: August 18 - September 4

It's intermission time! Pardon us as we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for vacation and planning/preparatory time for our Fall schedule.Our programming will resume on Friday, September 5 with a special story time to honor Grandparents' Day at 4 p.m.

Quality Time With "Grand-Friends": Honoring Grandparents' Day!

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Grandparents' Day would be celebrated annually, the first Sunday after Labor Day, thanks to the advocacy efforts of Ms. Marian McQuade.  A West Virginia home-maker, Ms.