Family Programs

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STEAM Ahead Club!

If you enjoyed our Maker month programming this past July, then this new club is just for you. STEAM involves science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics initiatives for children and teens. Join us each month for an exciting afternoon as we perform an out of this world experiment or reach for new artistic heights. It's time for learning and potential. For ages 6 and up; however, harder activities will require the assistance of a caretaker or parent. 
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STEAM Ahead Club: Mad Scientist Challenge

In honor of Halloween, it's time to don your science googles. It's a mad, mad science related adventure as we try to make slime. It should be spectacularly gross but fun!
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Monster Games

It's the Petworth Children's Room annual monster games. Beloved by monsters and children alike, join us for some silly fun. Small prizes may be on hand but only for those who are brave enough to face these trials!  For ages 6 and up. 
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Haunted House Craft

Who needs to go to a haunted house when you can make your own? Join us for a spooktacular afternoon as we make a miniature house that can be decorated for Halloween. Halloween related books will be available to read or for check out. It's ghastly, it's ghoulish - it's just plain fun! For ages 6 and up. All materials will be provided. 
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Paper Ninja Puppets

Are you as swift as a rabbit? Cunning as a snake? Tricky as a panther? No - well that's OK! This afternoon we will learn about the Japanese ninja through books and a fun craft. We will make a fantastic paper bag ninja that you can take home and keep. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to become the next hokage. For ages 6 and up.
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Honey Bee Craft

Did you know that September is National Honey Month?  Let's honor all of those hardworking honey bees! Join us for a fun and informative craft as we learn more about these special creatures. For ages 5 and up. 
Picture of Autumnal Tree

First Day of Autumn

Winter is coming but until then let's enjoy the glorious change in season. Thursday September 22 is the first day of autumn. Join us for a lovely afternoon as we participate in an autumnal craft. Books will be on hand for checkout. For ages 5 and up. 
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Teddy Bear Jamboree

Come on sleepyheads! Before winter sets in and animals start to hibernate, let's have a teddy bear jamboree. We'll read some bear related books as well have material on hand for check out. Best of all, join us for a fun teddy bear themed craft that you can take home. For ages 6 and up. 
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Doggie Storytime

Join us for a doggie-themed story time.  We’ll read some stories and have books on display for you to check out and take home. 
Christiana Drapkin, Jazz Vocalist

Bop Goes the Weasel

Christiana Drapkin and her jazz group, Bop Goes the Weasel, introduce young audiences to the fun of live jazz performance. You will want to sing along, clap to the rhythm, snap your fingers and get up and dance! For ages 3-10.