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Library-Con: Anime, Comics, Manga, and Beyond

Join us for Petworth’s annual Library-Con!  This event is a multi-generational program that will provide information and expose the world of anime/manga, comics, Star Wars, and more to the DC community. We will have special offerings such as a door prizes for children and a free raffle for teens and adults. Cosplay/costumes are welcome!Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016 Time: 1 - 5 p.m. For All Ages Come out and connect with the community through culturally based activities such as:

Elevator out of order

Elevator Out

The elevator at Petworth is not currently functional. Please bear this in mind as you visit the library with young children and those who may have difficulty with stairs.

Photo of Daisy the PAL Dog

Meet Daisy!

A Mt Pleasant Library Volunteer

Daisy is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library when she can.   Here are ten fun facts about Daisy:   Daisy was born on April Fools' Day.

Inside Out and Back Again

Strength in the Face of Adversity

Books to inspire fortitude in readers of all ages

Are you looking for ways to build your bravery? Are you trying to figure out what hardships people have overcome in the past? Take a stand with these books that focus on children and adults staying true to their values despite their challenging and unjust circumstances.   For Younger Children (Pre-K to 3rd Grade)

Photo of Miyuki the Dog

Meet Miyuki!

A Mt Pleasant Library Volunteer

Miyuki is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library when she can. Here are ten details about Miyuki:   Miyuki and her owner Kim are from New Mexico. Miyuki has lived with Kim for 8 years. Miyuki and Kim have lived in DC for 2 years. Miyuki and Kim live with five other doggies.

Photo of Luna the PAL Dog

Meet Luna!

A Mt Pleasant Library Volunteer

Luna is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library when she can. Here are ten fun facts about Luna:   Luna was born in 2014. Luna’s nicknames are “Luna Bear” and ”Luna Tuna”. Luna has a very sensitive tummy. Luna loves snow! Luna likes to jump in the waves at the beach. Luna is a picky eater.

Photo of Rocky the Dog

Meet Rocky!

A Mt Pleasant Library Volunteer

Rocky is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Library when he can. Here are ten fun facts about Rocky:   Rocky lives for pizza crust. Rocky has seven teeth. Rocky was born in 2007. Rocky loves neck scratches and belly rubs. Rocky is great at playing tag.

Toot, by Leslie Patricelli


The scoop on poop and other bodily functions

Let's not beat around the bush: everybody poops. We all have green stuff that comes out of our noses and sometimes our bellies make funny noises. Here's a list of some of the funniest and, yes, even some educational books for kids on all the weird things our bodies do.Toot, by Leslie Patricelli

Read Across America

Wednesday, March 1, 10:30 am

Drop by for a special story time as the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss a day early.  A visit from the D.C. Fire Department and wearable crafts are just part of a fun morning encouraging children to read and those in their lives to share books with them.  

Doc McStuffins cover

Taking Care of Our Furry Friends

Books for younger readers that touch upon the theme of responsibility

Teaching youth about responsibility can be a difficult task for any adult, but one method to get children invested in this concept is taking care of others - and there is no better place to start than with pet ownership. Among other holidays, February celebrates Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. If your child has been pestering you for a furry friend, then perhaps you will find these materials timely.