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Service Alert

The West End Library will be closed from Friday, Sept. 22 - Friday, Sept. 29 to allow for necessary electrical work to replace lighting throughout the library.

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The Board of Trustees of the Library is composed of nine unpaid District residents from wards around the city. The mayor appoints board members. They are confirmed by the D.C. City Council for a maximum of two five-year terms. Trustees meet as a whole and also as committees.

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Shanel O. Anthony

Shanel O. Anthony Resident, Ward Four
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Donella Brockington

Donella Brockington Resident, Ward 5
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Leif Dormsjo

Leif Dormsjo Resident, Ward 3
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Victor A. Reinoso

Victor A. Reinoso Resident, Ward Four
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Andrew Trueblood

Andrew Trueblood Resident, Ward Eight
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Antonio (Tony) Williams

Antonio (Tony) Williams Resident, Ward Five
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C. Brian Williams

C. Brian Williams Resident, Ward Six

Board of Trustees Structure

The standing committees of the Board shall be the Executive Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee, the Facilities Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Contracts Review Committee, and the Programs, Partnerships, and Performance Committee. The Chair may appoint special committees and shall do so if the Board directs.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary-Treasurer (Executive Director), and one Board member appointed by the Chair for a period of one year.

The Executive Committee shall act for the Board in emergencies when a Special Purpose or full Board meeting cannot be called, and its actions shall be binding until acted on by the Board at its next regular meeting.

  • Executive Committee – Tony Williams, Chair
  • Members – Shanel Anthony, Donella Brockington, and Richard Reyes-Gavilan

The Contracts Review Committee is required as part of the District of Columbia Public Library’s Procurement Regulations. The Committee shall review and approve all Library contracts of one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more prior to submission to the District of Columbia City Council for approval. The Committee shall consider protests, disputes, appeals, debarment, and suspension decisions made by the Library’s Chief Contracts Officer (CCO).

  • Contracts Review Committee – Donella Brockington, Chair
  • Members – Victor Reinoso, Andrew Trueblood, Richard Reyes-Gavilan and Tony Williams

The Finance and Budget Committee shall review the Library budget and shall develop ways and means for raising money for Library needs.

  • Finance Committee – Victor Reinoso, Chair
  • Members – Leif Dormsjo and Tony Williams

The Facilities Committee shall review facilities maintenance and building plans.

  • Facilities Committee – Andrew Trueblood, Chair
  • Members – Shanel Anthony and Leif Dormsjo

The Programs, Partnerships, and Performance Committee is responsible for overseeing public policy and monitoring the general public use of the library.  Working primarily with the Chief of Public Services, Director of Strategic Planning, and Director of Events, Exhibits, and Development, the committee evaluates and informs the quarterly performance dashboard about circulation, attendance, computer usage, and other key performance indicators.  The committee also reacts to and provides input on Library partnerships in addition to broad public services strategies.

  • Performance Oversight Committee – Shanel Anthony, Chair
  • Members – C. Brian Williams