Annclaire L.

What I Do When I’m Not at the Library: When I’m not tackling a never-ending collection of books and podcasts, I also go to the theater and write stories for a friend’s LARP. And every few months my friends and I will pile into a car for a seventeen-year tradition of attending anime conventions.

Something Unique About Me: I really love the theater. In 2017 I saw twenty-nine shows and in 2018 I saw twenty-one.

The Last Thing I Read: This is Paradise by Kristiana Kahakauwila

The Worst Book I’ve Ever Read: Hero by Perry Moore

My Top Five Favorite Books: Favorite Genres and Subgenres:
  • Children’s Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction, LGBTQ
  • Children’s Graphic Novels
  • Adult Fiction: Noir and Neo-noir, LGBTQ
  • Adult Fantasy: Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Magical Realism
  • Adult Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence, Space Opera, Steampunk
  • Adult Nonfiction: Local History, Forensic Medicine, True Crime, LGBTQ History
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