Aryssa D.

A Damron
What I do when I'm not at the library: I enjoy reading (obviously), going to the theatre, writing fiction and plays, and seeing movies on the big screen where I can completely cut out the outside world and get lost in something new.

If I wrote an autobiography, its title would be: So Type A There Are Two In My Name: A Memoir

The last thing I read: Frankly in Love

The best book of ALL TIME: Love and Other Words

What I'm reading now: March, book 2

The worst book I’ve ever read: Her Body and Other Parties

Favorite Books: Favorite Genres:
Adult Fiction - Mystery: Unreliable narrators, place-based mysteries, and past/present interplays
Children - Graphic Novels: Princesses, school stories, and strong female protagonists
Teen - Realistic Fiction: Boarding school settings, royalty, and enemies to dating tropes
Adult Nonfiction - Self-Help: Productivity, happiness, yoga, and how to live a "better" life
Adult Nonfiction - Memoir/Biographies: Celebrity memoirs, graphic memoirs (Lucy Knisley, etc), and anything written by the Queer Eye or Full House cast