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Neighborhood Library

Mothers & Daughters Stitching Together

Learn a new crochet project, just in time for Christmas.

Our resident crochet expert, Mrs. Darlene, is going to be teaching a special Mother/Daughter Christmas project.All ages, and experience levels are welcome.You'll need to bring an 'I' or 'J' needle for each person.You'll also need a ball of yarn (Christmas colored, or any other color you like).

Kids Euro Festival 2013

Look How I Dance

Are you interested in dancing?Parents and children, you do not want to miss this opportunity for fun and dance.

A Play: 'Baku; or How To Save a Whale's Tale'

Children and youth, do you like plays or wish to see one in production?

Reading Divas

A Book Club for Girls, Grades 4 through 6

Children's book clubs are important. According to experts, they offer kids a way to share experiences, discuss challenging ideas and more. Participants often can increase their language skills. Overall, book clubs promote literacy, comprehension, vocabulary and social interaction, as well as encourage lifelong learning through the practice of reading.Children's book clubs are also fun!

A Vegan Lifestye: A Primer

People choose a vegetarian lifestye for various reasons. Scientific research reveals that vegetarian diets help prevent cadiovascular diseases and contribute to weight maintenance.Aside from a healthier life, some people want to do their part in preserving the earth, saving animals, and more. 

Financial Literacy for First-Time Homebuyers

What Is There to Know?

A home is an investment.Many financial experts content that a house is typically the biggest and most expensive purchase consumers will make. Accordingly, first-time homebuyers need to be familiar with a series of matters.Some of the finer points include but are not limited to qualifying for a mortgage, shopping for a home, downpayment and the closing process. 

Free Free Summer Meals Program for Kids and Teens

Are you 18 years old or younger?  If so, The DC Free Summer Meals Program is for you.The federal nutritional program -- targeted at children and teenagers -- is funded under the auspices of the United States Department of Agriculture and is administered through the D.C. Office of the Superintendent of Education. A typical lunch consists of a sandwich, milk, a fruit and a salad.

Programs in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

 The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom represents a pivotal event in the American Civil Rights Movement. By the 1960s, racial, social and economic unrest had reached a boiling point. As a result, a coalition of leaders from the "Big Six” and civil rights, labor and religious organizations planned a peaceful protest in Washington, D.C.

GroundBreaking Reads: Adult Summer Reading at Capitol View

Georgia Douglas Johnson's 'Washington: Heart and Home'

Come and enjoy a summer long series of book discussions and film documentaries that hightlight the enormous influence of Washington's George Douglas Johnson on emerging writers, poets, and scholars such as Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Zora Neale Hurston, Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes, Marita Bonner, Jessie Redmon Faust, Alain Locke and others.

2013 DC Summer Reading Program at Capitol View

Kick-Off Festival

Are you curious about the 2013 DC Public Library's Summer Reading Program?If so, you want to attend the kick off festival tailored just for you. The purpose of the summer reading program is to foster indepenedent reading or learning new information.