Cleveland Park
Interim Library

Local Legends & Lore

New book discussion series

Do you enjoy reading about hometown Washington, D.C. history? The Cleveland Park Library is starting a new book discussion series on D.C. history!

Earth Day Crafts on April 25

                                                                                  Your junk is my treasure. Join us on April 25 at 4 p.m. to learn how to make a wonderful art project with recyclable materials.

French Story Time

Every Thursday at 4 p.m.

Bonjour! French Story Time is every Thursday at 4 p.m. This program is for children who speak or want to learn French. All the stories and songs are in French. This program is a mixture of stories and songs that help children memorize words, improve their vocabularies and build their speaking confidence.

"Turn" into History

Washington's Spies

If you saw AMC's new original TV series "Turn," set during the early years of the American Revolution, you may be wondering about the history behind the drama.

Pulitzer Prize Book Winners 2014

Fiction and Nonfiction

This year's Pulitzer Prize winners have been announced! Since 1917, the Pulitzer Prize honors the best in journalism and the arts.Below is a list of award winning titles available through the library system. The complete list of awarded titles can be viewed on the Pulitzer Prize website.Fiction

Día de los Niños: May 2 at 10 a.m.

Diversity In Action

In celebration of the upcoming DIA (Diversity in Action), the children will listen to stories from around the world in English, French and Spanish.

Kid's Graphic Novel Book Club

April Meeting

Once a month kids ages 9 and up get together to eat pizza and discuss a graphic novel.

Annual Spring Book Sale

Buy great books cheap and support your library

The Friends of the Cleveland Park Library will be having their semi-annual sale Saturday, April 12, and Sunday, April 13.  A huge selection of incredible books graciously donated by members of the community will be on offer.  Don't hesitate to stop by as our patrons have an eye for quality and many great titles will be available for discerning eyes.

Handy Tech Manual: 3-D Printing

You may have seen or heard of 3-D printing, but did you know it's available and affordable for home use?

Handy Tech Manual: Windows 8.1

Whether you're a longtime user of Windows or new to Microsoft's Windows 8.1, you will want to know how to make the most of the new system.