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Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man Debuts: Anniversary

 Happy 51st Birthday, Spider-Man!Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created this superhero for Marvel Comics on Aug. 1, 1962. The first Spider-man comic was published in March 1963. In the first issue, a young man is bitten by a radioactive spider and he discovers wondrous super abilities.

The Full Scoop

Interesting facts about Ice Cream

   July was designated by President Ronald Reagan as National Ice Cream Month.Celebrate the eating of ice cream throughout the month as a fun and nutritious food.

Summer Reading Program

All kids and teens in the District are invited to participate in Summer Reading at DC Public Library. This year's Summer Reading theme for children is Dig Into Reading; the teens' Summer Reading theme is Beneath the Surface. The program runs from June 1 through Aug. 24. You can win prizes for reading.

Celebrate National Pizza Party Day

Some food historians believe that pizza-like dishes (baking bread with toppings on stones in a wood oven) can be traced back to the early Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. Today's pizza pie has been attributed to baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples, Italy. In 1889, a special pizza dish was created to honor King Umberto and Queen Margherita by Esposito. To represent the colors of the Italian flag, Esposito used Neapolitan flat bread with green basil, white mozzarella cheese and red tomato sauce.

Traveling by Train

All Aboard!

Discover the beauty of steam, diesel and electric trains. On Saturday, May 11, communities across America will be celebrating National Train Day. Did you know:1. Some bullet trains float magnetically above the rails.2. People who love trains are called railfans. They take vacations to go trainspotting.3. Many train stations are called Union Station. These are stations used by different train lines.

Weekly Black History Trivia

Week Two: Famous Firsts

Check out the library to find the answers.

Weekly Black History Trivia

How well do you know  African-American History? During the month of February, each week the Deanwood Library will present trivia questions pertaining to African-Americans.  Check out the library to find the answers.?? Who Am I ??

And The Children Shall Lead

Children and the Civil Rights Movement

Many children and teens helped to mobilize the nation in the fight against inequality. On May 2-4, 1963, hundreds of students marched in the "Children's Crusade" in Birmingham,. Ala. A song created for the "Children's Crusade" movement was sung during the march:"We've got a job,We've got a job to do.

Learn About Wills, Consumer Rights and Unpaid Wages

Lecture Series by Neighborhood Legal Services Program

Curious about wills and advance directives, but overwhelmed by the process?Want to know how to protect you and your children from identity theft?Do you know your rights when it comes to unpaid wages?Join us in December as we host three consumer-oriented lectures sponsored by the Neighborhood Legal Services Program.

'Modelland' - Check it Out!

Modelland, the fierce new novel by Tyra Banks, is out!