Downloadable Media

Discover the OverDrive experience.

Get downloadable versions of books, audiobooks, video and music. You must have a library card to download media from this collection. In some cases, you must also download and use free software (provided). The library offers media downloads from several separate and unique platforms. Most titles will be exclusive to one or the other and each site requires a separate login.

New OverDrive Learn more about the new OverDrive interface, including:

  • New ways to find titles
  • Easy-to-customize lending periods
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eBooks, eMagazines and Audiobooks

eBooks in OverDrive
Best-selling  fiction and nonfiction, classic literature, CliffsNotes, computer books, business, romances, self-help… most available in two formats (Kindle books and Adobe Digital Editions) and downloadable to PCs, laptops and an array of portable devices (smartphones, tablets etc.). If you need help with downloads from Overdrive, try Getting started with downloadable media

Children's eBooks, Audiobooks and Video in OverDrive
Fiction and nonfiction eBooks, Audiobooks and Video which can be read, listened to, and watched on computers, smartphones, eReaders and other portable devices.

Teens's eBooks and Audiobooks in OverDrive
Fiction and nonfiction eBooks and audiobooks which can be read and listened to on smartphones, e-readers and other portable devices.

Audiobooks in OverDrive
Best-selling fiction and nonfiction, classic literature, children’s and young adult, language learning, drama, classic radio programs and self-help are available for download to PCs, laptops and an array of Windows Media-compatible portable devices.

Safari Books Online
Access over 800 titles in Computer Technology, Programming and Personal and Professional Development.  Fully searchable up to date and current content from top publishers such as O’Reilly, Sams, Microsoft Press and more.

Zinio Digital Magazines
Read popular magazines on your tablet, mobile device or computer.  Over 175 magazines available. For instructions see: A Guide on Accessing Zinio Digital Magazines.

Music and Video

Access Videos on Demand
View streaming world-class documentaries, award-winning educational films, and instructional videos from PBS, BBC, History Channel, A&E, National Geographic, Ken Burns and other respected sources.

Criterion Collection via Alexander Street Press
Find a selection of the most significant films of all time.  Includes 10 micro-collections ranging from "Independent American Cinema" to French, German, Japanese and Eastern European/Russian films.

Freegal Music
Download up to three (3) songs a week and stream up to twenty-four (24) hours every day from ten thousand labels including Sony Music, with your library card and pin number.  Access to over seven million songs which are DRM-Free and compatible with all MP3 players and computers. Read Freegal Music Streaming 1-2-3 page or Freegal Music FAQs page. 

InstantFlix: Powered by IndieFlix
Find and stream thousands of award-winning independent movies, shorts, documentaries and web series from major film festivals from around the world. Note:  These films are not rated by the MPAA, so viewer discretion is advised.

Video in OverDrive
Classic films, modern features, documentaries, children’s videos and more available for download to PCs and laptops and select Windows Media-compatible portable devices.

You can also find a variety of specialized collections of documentaries, musical and dance performances, and more in our video databases, all accessible with your library card.

Research and Lifelong Learning

Downloadable Language Learning Audio from OverDrive
The library provides a number of downloadable audio titles through Overdrive. These audio titles provide language learning in multiple languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and English. The titles are available for download to PCs, laptops and an array of Windows Media-compatible portable devices.

Thompson Gale
Electronic versions of test-preparation guides. Categories include high school standardized tests, college entrance, college credit, graduate entrance, nursing, civil service and military entrance.

Mango Languages
Learn over 70 different languages with this interactive tool; each language has audio tutorials to practice reading, listening and speaking. It also has ESL courses for Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese speakers.

Learning Express Library - Test Preparation and Career Advancement eBooks
Find study guides and test-preparation books to prepare for tests or pass licensing, certification or competitive entry-level exams. Subjects covered include high school standardized tests, graduate school exams, civil service, U.S. citizenship, math, writing and military. Included latest GED.