Angela and Nathaniel Anderson

Angela and Nathaniel Anderson

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Photographed by Miranta Clark, age 18
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Angela and Nathaniel Anderson are a married couple who met at the Center for Creative Non-Violence shelter.

Nate was raised in Northeast D.C. near Rhode Island Avenue. He grew up with five siblings and was a “star” basketball player in his youth. After working various different jobs, he became homeless when he was thirty-five years old, because of some bad decisions. He has been homeless for twelve years.
Angela grew up as an only child in Anacostia. She attended Allegheny college in Pennsylvania and has worked in the real estate and mortgage industry. After falling behind on mortgage payments, she lost her home and became homeless when she was thirty-seven.

Nate and Angela both had some rough experiences on the streets, including Angela being assaulted. But after meeting at the shelter, they helped each other get through the tough times, fell in love, and were married a couple of months ago. Nathaniel is optimistic about his future and Angela looks forward to them getting their own place.

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