Constance Jamison

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Photographed by Raekala Middleton, age 19
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Constance was homeless for about three years. She grew up in Philadelphia and was the sixth child in her family. As a child, she had dreams of being a nurse and a writer.

She found herself in an abusive relationship, and she came to D.C. to escape it. Once here, she checked into a local shelter. When it was time for her to leave that shelter, a horrible experience occurred—Constance was assaulted and raped, while moving from one shelter to another.

She says she overcame this horrible experience with the support of her family and friends. She is glad that her period of homelessness is over, and she observes that being homeless has made her less judgmental about others. Constance has an incredibly positive spirit, and she believes that getting over homelessness has been very rewarding. Her next project is to write her own book of poetry.

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