Eric Sheptock

Eric Sheptock

Eric Sheptock, Photo 1 - SELECT to zoom Eric Sheptock, Photo 2 - SELECT to zoom Eric Sheptock, Photo 3 - SELECT to zoom
Photographed by Anika Rice, age 18
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Eric has been homeless for about 15 years. He was born in Atlantic City and was adopted after his birth-parents nearly killed and abandoned him in a motel room. He was one of 37 natural and adopted Sheptock children. As a child, he was interested in math and loved his adopted family.

He went on to work at a hospital in Florida for six years. He came to D.C. after having trekked the East Coast in an unsuccessful search for his birth parents.

Since then, he has made it his goal to advocate for homelessness, and he has become very active in the homelessness advocacy community—especially in the fight to save Franklin Shelter. He believes that the homeless should be treated as equally as all other people, and he hopes to soon see some real progress made for those without homes.

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