Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith, Photo 1 - SELECT to zoom Jesse Smith, Photo 2 - SELECT to zoom Jesse Smith, Photo 3 - SELECT to zoom
Photographed by Dawnesha Coffin, age 18
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Jesse was homeless for six years.

He grew up primarily in Northeast D.C. As a kid, he enjoyed going to the local Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs and aspired to be a jet pilot. Over the years, he worked as a mail clerk, a telephone installer, and a telecommunications engineer and consultant.

For 30 years he was married, owned a home and raised children. Jesse never expected to be homeless, but once he got divorced, he handed everything over to his ex-wife and became homeless. Mental illness gave him more problems. Jesse became unemployed and went through some tough times.

He is now a very active member of the National Coalition for the Homeless Speakers Bureau.

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