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Poets on the Fringe

Open Mic Poetry Reading

Alec McRae

Celebrating Georgetown Readers

This summer, for the first time, Georgetown Neighborhood Library is offering Summer Reading for Adults, and many local readers are participating! 

We Need Your Help, Summer Readers

We want our Summer Reading Wall of Fame to burst at the seams. We need more pots! Bring in those reading logs so we can put up a flower pot with your name on it. Only eight hours of reading and then you can be displayed proudly on our bulletin board. Young readers in the Read With Me program get a pot and a green plant.

End-of-Summer Bracelets

Crafts for Teens

Turn the last days of summer into a cool friendship bracelet for yourself or a friend! Learn how to make simple, colorful knotted bracelets. All materials provided by the library.Wed., Aug. 21, 1 p.m.--2:30 p.m.Ages 12 & upFree

African Voices

August Film Series

Watch four compelling stories about Africa. Some of the films are based on actual events. The screenings are free and all movies begin at 6 p.m.

Learn Composting Basics!

Are you a current or aspiring gardener? Interested in repurposing your food waste? Heard of composting and wondering what it is and how it works?

Something Stinky in The Nation's Capitol...

Massive crowds flocked to the Botanical Garden this week for an event that tends to happen only once every decade.

'Snow-Storm in August'

Georgetown Book Club's August Selection

In November 1829, newly freed former slave Beverly Snow and his wife, Julia, migrated from Lynchburg, Va. to the nation's capital -- then still called Washington City -- so that Snow could pursue his goal of setting up his own restaurant.

Georgetown Book Club: What Should We Read?

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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Tell us about them!