Haiku Contest 2022

2022 haiku contest winners

Thank you for celebrating National Poetry Month with DC Public Library! This April, DC Public Library invited residents ages 6 and up to submit a haiku to the 2022 Haiku Contest around the following themes:

✎ Your love of books, reading or the library,
✎ Something small that gives you joy,
✎ DC in springtime, or
✎ Noticing your neighborhood.

We were thrilled to receive nearly 1,000 amazing entries for this year's contest. D.C. is one poetic city! We invite you to check out the winning entries below from all of our participating locations. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Anacostia Library

Children Category Adult Category
My body stays home,
But my mind travels the world
On wings of a book

Courtney H.
A cool steel drum breeze
Cherry blossom petals dance
The pieces of me
Courtney D.

Benning (Dorothy I. Height) Library

Teen Category Adult Category
pink cherry blossoms
every skin tone celebrates
the beauful trees

Remi M.
Glow Little Glowworm
Keep shining beauful one
The world needs your light
The district of life
Art, culture, music, and love There’s nothing like home <3 

Bailey M.
Slamming doors, speeding
Cars! Cherry blossoms blooming!
Wake up! War afar!

Lisa W.
Twenty Twenty Two!
Black woman Supreme Court Justice!
Almighty is Good

Lisa W.

Capitol View Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Frogs jumping around
Turtles sing on a log
Geese flying above

Evan W.
Depression is a
Cage with no light unless you
fight to be the light

Timon L.
Books are just like us
They bring feelings deep within Open one and trust
Serenity C.

Chevy Chase Library

Children Category Adult Category
D.C. spring is warm
The cherry trees are in bloom
The birds sing sweetly!

Elina H.
Radiant Black Joy
Offers Peace to the Weary
Liberating Souls
Stephanie J.
Cats from a shelter
They don't have to do anything
Kittens are so cute

Martin P.
Leaves open in Spring
Cherry blossoms in my mind
Wind turns the pages

Robert C.

Cleveland Park Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Spring is delightful
cherry blossoms are blooming
Let's get on our bikes!!

Flowers are in bloom,
Once you ignore the dead trees,
their beauty triumphs

Saachi M.
"Libby" sleep timer
means asymptomatic progress
time to click "Renew"
Jeanie M.
My dear little friends
or corgis to be precise
I love them dearly

All winter neighbors
Compete to shovel our walk -
We must look ancient

Margery R.

Francis A. Gregory Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
The sweetest quiet - 
Silence, books, friendly people
I belong right here

Joy B.
Trees are green, tan, grey
I am just one color, so
I am not a tree

Naeshaun F.
Happy surprises
Instant Mood-change tonic, free
Unexpected joy
Aressa W.
Spring is the warm air
hitting me with a light breeze
while the flowers bloom

Shaia H.
My hood is ghetto
Kids be outside every day
It's trash everywhere

Justice M.
A thank you is nice
Showing appreciation
often breaks up ice!

Melba L.
I walked around the block
noticing the dogs,
the families playing in the park
licking Lulabelle's ice cream
The store owner knows me well
and asks, "the usual?"

Zoey S.
Learn the beat ready set
Clap and tap now feel the beat
Now stomp you got the beat

Marquise B.
Rat race is the worse
when your mindset wants to rest
Double Dutch is what's best

Robbin E.

Georgetown Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
A book pulls you in.
Its stories become your own
The world is quiet

Katie G.
singing winter blues
on the edge of summer gree
inhale, exhale, kiss

Eli R.
footsteps echo in
the halls of the empty office -
life begins again
Ariel C.
Fresh fruit, juice and flesh
Citrus colors, crisp or pulp
Dribbles down my chin

Hallie M.
The smell of paper
A thousand lifetimes contained
In those cracking spines

Marcus B.
Books are doors to worlds
I can never see in life
Dreams right on pages

Saida D.
When a man just dreams
He never ever wants to return
to where he started

Cooper H.
On a cold spring day
An old broken umbrella
Fies fast in the wind

Vian Borchert
The walk to the door
The feeling of the handle
And the sigh of dogs

Shane C.

Lamond-Riggs Library

Children Category Adult Category
Insects are buzzing
Love it or not spring is here
Now T-shirts are here!

Eli S.
City of Crossroads
Crosswires, Instagram, Facebook, job
Love is the way straight.

Channon F.
A sun is better
Flowers are better than leaves
All plants are the best!

Jaxon S.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
"The Joy of Reading
A world of words bloom
Taking me to wonder lands
Happily, I go!

Carina A.
fluttering pages
a world at my fingertips
my love found at last

Lydia P.
A life raft - it seems
a relief between the ends.
Words - Stories - Shelter
Katie R.
Pink blooming flowers
Beautiful cherry blossom
Springfest every year.

Jordin P.
Down turns the moonlight
Away from the sorrow we crawl
Into soft petals

Madison M.
Pale petals float past
Like pages leafed by fingers
The book of spring shuts

Ariel O.
The way the men walk
The quick way the women talk
All in eyes of hawks

Sophia S.
out in the desert
away from all the bright lights
I can see the stars

Pilar G.
The Tidal Basin
Plasters in a pink array
Cotton candy dreams

Jesus C.
Warmth and tenderness
Gives me joy and happiness;
I feel protected

Carina A.
Simple joy has fallen
From a Furry friend to floor
A delicate whisker

Sara R.
Happy, calm,alone
But wait - Awakened by a 
Tiny Yorkie kiss

Karen M.

Mt. Pleasant Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Splashing in puddles
In your big yellow rain boots
On a dreary day

Atticus O.
The neighborhood fills
With colorful blossoming joy
a pink time of year

Marley R.
Two green plastic chairs
Small blossoms, a fresh nove
The H4 gusts by
Hannah V.D.
Imagining a
Place where we could
be, a story everywhere

Zabrin Z.
Planes fly through the clouds,
Like fish through a tepid ocean,
Slowly drifting away.

Ocean waves crashing,
Against the sorrowful beach,
Filled with love and hate.

The crunch of the sand, dispersing the eruptions
built within its walls.

The collective sighs,
of souls grasping onto life.
Never letting go.

Felix B.
Saturday morning
coffee toast crossword puzzle
now for some fresh air

John B.

Northeast Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Flowers of sunrise
Pink and blooming on park trees
As robins return

Kajsa G.
Biking through my streets
Seeing the flowers blooming
Oh the thrills of spring

Lucy W.
The city slept all
winter. Now, awoken y
equinox, pink blooms
Casey H.
Cherry blossoms bloom
Their petals fall from the tree
Underneath the sun

Eliza S.
Strolling our sidewalks,
cement, nature and faces
the old and new merge

Richard P.
Flowers bloom with light
Just like chalk on the sidewalk
This is spring to me.

Adele B.
New spring birds arrive
On route to far away lands
Wish them safe travels

Caroline M.
Meow, feed me please!
Purr, purr, twine around my leg
Paws pad toward the sun

Astrid L.
My old friend blossom!
You're back like a newborn babe.
My hair is greyer.

George P.
The rustle of books
A sweet and soft melody
Get comfy and read

Aleena F.
Born in spring like you
Like the blossom on the trees
I grow up like buds

Quinn C.

Northwest One

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Colorful tiger
Giant and big animals
Giganti tigers

Dylan T.
The sky is darker and sun has left
The night is mysterious and beautiful
The stars remind me of my family

Caitlyn H.
Pop, open, spring forth
Color, texture, nature's art
Refreshed and renewed
Susan D.

Palisades Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Hilegard the goat
She eats eggshells and old trash
Isn't she lovely

Books are my passions!
Libraries contain the keys
to open passions

An American looks
At cherry blossoms and sees
A short lived flower

A Japanese friend
Says we think their short life is
Part of their beauty

July 4th parade
Laughter, cheer, music galore
I love living here

The tree grows very big
I collect flowers from the pink dogwood
The chickens eat blueberries

Escaping the heat
Biking along the canal
Oh! A blue heron

With a swift kerplunk
The stone fell in the water
Sunk to the bottom

Pink blossoms floating
Warm sunshine and welcome smiles
Spreading light and hope


Petworth Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Cherry blossom trees
petals drifting in the breeze
falling so slowly

Charlotte C.
The cloud and the blue sky
the wind blowing my hijab
the sight of no cry

Mariam R.
Against the bare sky
trees learn it does not matter
which way branches grow

Albert T.
A painting I see
blues, reds, oranges form a world
happiness, I feel

Ruth G.
A string current destined
to destroy, merged into us
helplessness, fear, death

Jully C.
Falling snow gives way
petals now float in sunlight
changes in the air

Giancarlo C.
Rainbows are so bright
rainbows are so colorful
they come out in the sun

Maya M.
Slow morning coffee
under the falling petals
of the season's end

Daphney Q.

Rosedale Library

Children Category Adult Category
Open up a book
Feel the magic insideit
As you turn the page

Maya I.
I open the book
I get lost in the story
Don't come and find me!

Ginette R.
Thank you beautiful
Children cleaning the river
We are so sorry

Jennifer S.

Shepherd Park (Juanita E. Thornton) Library

Children Category Adult Category
Fantasies galore
Incredible adventures
Packed all in a book

Sarika M.
Monuments soaring
Wondrous new architecture
Our kids love ant hills

Michelle S.

Southwest Library

Adult Category
Navy Yard I go
Baseball, water with the flow
People to and fro

Timothy B.
Mockingbirds gather
My neighbor takes their picture
Waterfront morning

Kitty J.
April surprised
As ravishing blooms unfurl
under a wet sun

Preeti S.
"Sakura in Bloom"
Settle, blushing crown
Petals floating down like snow
Kakō to jōshō

Amy A.
childhood toys, adults
hood joys, stories cure what ails;
minds free, bodies frail

Robert B.
Leaves sparkle above
as I leaf through the pages
I leave my world here

Ashton R.
Consumer of life
I find beauty in her face
She hides self conscious of it

When you say the words
"I love you like..." the world cracks
Open like my heart

Preeti S.

Tenley-Friendship Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Red, orange and yelow
Soon the strawberry sun sets
and the night returns

sprawled across the lawn,
a constellation of suns
- March dandelions

Mosaic walls of
Thought, love, hurt and history
Spines that speak volumes


Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Babies coo and cry
They point at my bike and laugh
My heart feels happy

Zosia M.
Studying focus
Education is the key
Successful I aim to be

Nehemiah J.
walking down U street
my vision catches a glimpse
peripheral rat

Amanda S.
Four chickens are fun
I enjoy chickens so much
I love you chickens

Sahar W.
Summer is so nice
I enjoy seeing sunsets
During the long days

I turn to reading
To be taken far away
And to find myself

Molly M.
Flowers are pretty
I enjoy cherry blossoms
Petals bloom in spring

Timur W.
I be ducking from the eds
I take a trip to McDonalds
I wake up I see red

Darius L.
The pages unfurl
And I rest in the shade of
Numberless stories

Matt O.
Mornings make me happy
I'm very well rested
Mornings are the best

Lillian O.

West End Library

Children Category Teen Category Adult Category
Rain pitter patter.
Cold tears drip from the dark sky.
Kids bloom everywhere.

the icy white moon
it is very gray outside
pictures of the day

Natajun T.
flowers start to bloom,
pollen filled air is my doom,
zyrtec sales will boom.

Mikail H.
Koalas are gray.
Crunchy leaves are yummy yum.
Black nose, beady eyes.

Noctilucent dusk
Sun slips away through slight cracks
bu returns at dawn.

Sabrina M.
Oh, cherry blossoms.
Please cherry blossoms so pink.
Don't get too too old.

Public spaces, ew
Thank you for sharing e-books
Someone coughed on me

When pollen comes.
Eyes be puffy, hard to breathe.
Take the nebulizer to feel better.

My HOA fee
feudalism rebranded
sad home ownership

Susanna L.