Ingrid L.M.


“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” ~Thomas Edison And it’s corollary for writers: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 50,000 words that don’t work in that order.” ~Ingrid Anders

What I do when I'm not at the library:
I write fiction and poetry, play the ukulele, go on nature walks, stew things in the slow cooker, spend time with my family, and listen to lots and lots of audiobooks.  
The last thing I read:
The last book I read that I really enjoyed from start to finish was Vacation Under the Volcano (Magic Tree House Book 13) by Mary Pope Osborne. I love all the Magic Tree House books and am relearning so many great things about the world as my preschooler and I read them together. But Jack and Annie’s trip to the ancient Roman town of Pompeii on the day Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. was particularly gripping. 
My top 5 favorite books: What I'm reading now: Favorite genres and subgenres:
  • Fiction: Multiculturalism, Magical Realism, Humor
  • Short Stories: Magical Realism, Feminism, Allegory
  • Nonfiction: Adventure, Biography, Self-Improvement
  • Picture Books: Story Time Books, Super Silly, Unreliable Narrator
  • Audiobooks: for listening in the car
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