Jen F.


"When in doubt, tell the truth" - Mark Twain.

What I do when I'm not at the library:
I love to go for walks, write, watch movies and practice music in my spare time.

The last thing I read:

The last great book I read was So Far So Good: Final Poems 2014-2018 by Ursula K. Le. Written just before she died, and published posthumously, this collection reads like a collection of paintings covering a variety of topics Le Guin found meaningful in their temporality including homes, rivers, memory and universality (among other things). It is written with a bright clarity and patience that I found grounding and meaningful.

My top 5 favorite books:

What I'm reading now:
I don’t usually read two books at once, but the two books I’m reading right now are Urban Legendz by Nick Bruno, Paul Downs and Michael Yates and Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. The first is a classic comic adventure for children and young adults that feels a little like the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; taking a group of city kids and having them solve their city’s mysterious infestation of monsters. The second book is both about an artist who sublimates her creative talents and hopes at the expense of her sense of self, the dramatic way she finds to come back to who she really is, and the impact this reawakening has on her family.

Favorite genres and subgenres:

  • Poetry: Contemporary Poetry, Prose Poetry
  • Graphic Novels: Stand-Alone Titles, Young or New Adult Protagonist, Biographical
  • LGBTQ: Coming of Age Stories, Romantic, Heartbreaking, Socially Aware
  • Memoir/Biographies: Creative Non-Fiction, Short Essays, Reflective Genre Blending
  • Literary Fiction: Contemporary Fiction, Well-Developed Characters, Interpersonal Relations, Stylistically Complex, Lyrical, Well-Crafted Dialogue, Minimal Surrealism/Fantasy – especially if used in a way that makes the story feel more metaphorical, archetypal, or universal

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