Julie S.

Julie S

“I’ve flown through the air with the greatest of ease…”

Something unique about me:
“I’ve flown through the air with the greatest of ease…” 
 I took a trapeze class (you can remove the ease bit). 

 What I’m reading now: Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

 My top five favorite books (I tore my hair out limiting it to five): 

  • Maurice by E.M. Forster 

 Favorite genres and sub-genres: 

Literary Fiction: Contemporary Fiction, Mid-20th Century British Novels, Flawed Protagonists, Ominous  

Science Fiction: Dystopian, Alternate Histories, Time Travel, Artificial Intelligence 

History: Women’s History, LGBTQ+, Punk and Riot Girrrl, Old Hollywood, Library and Book History, Epistolary Collections 

Graphic Novels: Historical Fiction, Feminist Superheroes, Mythologies 

Humor: Memoir/Biographies, Essays, Travelogues, Absurdist  

Art: Photography, Typography, Visual Culture, Interviews 

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