Kids’ Internet Safety

Kids’ Internet Safety

The Internet provides lots of useful information and fun activities, but the information you find is not always true or up-to-date.

The following kid-friendly search engines should make it easier for you to find good information for any purpose, kid-friendly activities and additional help with your homework.  Please note that the library is not responsible for information you find through an Internet search.

To help you find accurate information for your homework, the library has provided a special Web page.  Click here to get help with your homework. 

Caution to kids:  Sometimes you might meet people online who want to do you harm or who want to keep contacting you in order to get you to buy something. To avoid this, follow a few simple safety rules when using the Internet:

  • Never type in your personal information without your parent’s permission. This would include your name, phone number, address, school name and location, parent’s name or work location.
  • If you must type in a user name in order to enter a site, use a made-up name, NOT your real name.
  • If something you read online makes you uncomfortable, tell a parent or another responsible adult at once.
  • Never send a photograph of yourself online without first checking with a parent.
  • Never agree to get together with someone you meet online. Tell your parents if you receive such a request.
  • Share your password with your parents, but never give your password to anyone else, not even your best friend.
  • Always use good manners when you are online. Don’t do anything that would hurt others or is against the law.

These tips were adapted from the Kids’ Pledge, a family contract for online safety from
Safe.comRead a copy of the contract.  

The following links will give you additional tips for responsible and safe Internet use as well as online manners.