Wizards Book of the Month

Wizards Book of the Month

DC Public Library and the Washington Wizards have teamed up to provide you with great reads!

April Wizards Book of the Month: Kindergarten - 8th Grace

We are always looking for our next great read but there are just so many titles out there! To make reading for fun easier, DC Public Library has teamed up with the Washington Wizards to provide a recommended Book of the Month that the library and Wizards community can read together. 

Each month, we will feature one book for readers grades K-2, one book for readers grades 3-5, and one book for readers grades 6-8 to explore. These books will be great for kids to read alone or for families to read together. Finished reading the books? Share your thoughts on social media with @dcpl and @JrWizards and use hashtag #WizardsBookoftheMonth!

April - Earth Month and National Poetry Month

March - Women's History Month


February - Black History Month

January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day


November - Native American Heritage Month

Learn more about the Washington Wizards Reading Zone by visiting their website