Know Your Neighborhood at Adams Morgan Day

Know Your Neighborhood at Adams Morgan Day

Neighborhood History Exhibits and Performances on September 9

DC Public Library, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, American University and local partners bring Neighborhood History to the street on Sept. 9.

To honor the 40th Anniversary of the Adams Morgan Day Festival, a series of activities to “Know Your Neighborhood” will be featured at 18th and Belmont Streets, NW. Festival visitors can learn about the neighborhood’s past by viewing photographs at the new “Humanities Truck,” listen to oral histories and watch live interviews with neighborhood activists Marie Nahikian, Topper Carew, and Ronald and Mary Pierce.
The content of the exhibit is drawn from the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum’s “A Right to the City” exhibition about neighborhood organizing, and historic photos spanning 40 years of Adams Morgan Day festivals from DC Public Library’s Nancy Shia Collection. The event will also launch the Humanities Truck, an experimental recording and exhibition space on wheels from American University that can share neighborhood history in new ways.
DC Public Library is celebrating the culture of the neighborhood and the city by sponsoring some of the performers on the festival stages and at space adjacent to the Humanities Truck. This “Know Your Neighborhood” stage will highlight the Latino heritage of the neighborhood through music, dance and storytelling, and also feature live on-stage interviews with significant Adams Morgan activists of the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. The Library has been engaged in ongoing initiatives showcasing local music and neighborhood history and we are excited to work with partners to bring music, dance and storytelling to Adams Morgan Day.

The Columbian rhythms of La Marvela, the poetry and storytelling of Quique Aviles, and the dancers and drummers of Vava United School of Samba will perform. Hola Cultura, a D.C. Latino arts and cultural nonprofit organization, will join the Library to offer tours highlighting the Latino history of the neighborhood. The Library has also partnered with festival music organizer Songbyrd Music House, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, and Multiflora Productions to sponsor music that reflects Adams Morgan as a cultural crossroads, bringing global sounds to all the festival stages.
Event plans are listed on the official Adams Morgan Day festival website.

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