Interim Library

Exercise In Bed

Those of us who exercise usually try running, walking, cycling and other things which can sometimes overwhelm us and make us tired and sore.Now it's time to try another form of exercise that you can do in bed either before getting up in the morning or going to sleep at night. 

Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead...

Welcome Summer Reading

Come in, enjoy the art and join the Summer Reading Program, “Fizz, Boom, Read!” Our Summer Reading Program “Fizz, Boom, Read!” started with an innovative program in partnership with the very talented artist and educator, Karen Brown of Class Acts Arts. 

Introducing the Zombie Book Club

Please observe the following questions - do you answer yes to more than one of the following statements?1. Regularly use slang, terminology, etc. from Zombiepedia

Does Anybody Know My Name?

Searching Genealogy Online

Have you ever had someone tell you that you look like someone else they know?  Have you ever met someone who has the same last name as yours but spells their name differently? Do you have relatives that you would like to know more about but there doesn't seem to be anyone in your family with information? 

Healthy Living Workshop

Women's Health and Diabetes

The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes.

Nothing Happens 'Til After Midnight

Journey to jazz in 1940s Harlem and D.C.

Use your imagination to experience the Harlem Renaissance as you visit the Cotton Club and Small's Paradise in Harlem and the Bohemian Caverns and  the Lincoln Colonnade on U Street in D.C.

Lamond Riggs is Number 1!

Perhaps you noticed this past Tuesday (as with all the other DC branches) that we were closed for staff day. And while we missed you, our loyal patrons, our closure was not in vain. It was a stimulating day with the opportunity to engage in discussion with colleagues and take classes designed for performance development.

Family Reading Night

Let's Get Reading!

PJ's in the Library

My name is Phooka and I'm a stuffed rabbit. Could you tell? I think it's my ears that always gives it away. Ever since my best friend started working at the library, I've been lonely.