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Job Hunting with Social Media

 Image by Yoel Ben-Avaraham / FlickrWhat do sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn have in common? As forms of social media, both job seekers and employers are using technology such as this more and more. If you have ever been hesitant to join an online site but are interested to learn, then this workshop is for you!In this program, we will explore the following topics:

Black History Film

This film is based on the 1995 Million Man March in Washington, D. C., in which 1 million African American men marched peacefully in a bid for greater unity and understanding.The story follows men on a charter bus from Los Angeles to D.C. Their issues, personalities and concerns begin to erupt on the long trip.  

Recreation in Segregated Washington, D. C.

Photo exhibit at the library

The month of February, come view a photo exhibit of theaters, restaurants, hotels and other places of recreation for African Americans during the era of segregation in Washington, D. C. 

Did You Know?

Black History Facts

Did you know about the "Pit Schools" that existed during the period of American slavery? "Pit Schools" were holes dug in the ground and covered with branches. Some slaves were determined to learn to read even though it meant they would receive a severe whipping or be killed for defying their masters.

Book Lovers Valentine’s Day Craft

Nothing says amour like Valentine's Day. But what about those who are forgotten every year?You know who I mean – books! If you have a favorite story, author or character (perhaps that special someone you have been secretly pinning for), then this event is for you. Show your love by writing a book-related message. There will be a craft presentation so that you can make a bookmark to take home with you.

New Children's Books

It’s cold outside, but our hearts are warmed by the arrival of new children’s books. February is definitely a season awash in colorful stories.

Africana Book Club

Literary Visit to Zimbabwe

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"28083","attributes":{"alt":"Zenzele: A Letter to My Daughter by J.

Take Your Child to the Library Day

There are many reasons to come to the library, especially in February.Did you know Feb. 1 is “Take Your Child to the Library Day"?Join our 11 a.m. program, with a story and craft. Bring your library card and select a few titles to continue the fun at home.

DC Public Library Opens On Two-Hour Delay

Wednesday, Jan. 22

DC Public Library will open at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

DC Public Library Closed Today

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DC Public Library is closed Tuesday, Jan. 21 due to inclement weather.