Lamond-Riggs/Lillian J. Huff Neighborhood Library

Happy New Year!

How we can help with your New Year's resolutions

Are you ready for 2014? If you said yes, then fantastic! If you said no, do not worry! We can help.

I Don't Know What I Want But I Know It's Not This

Creating your dream job

Each of us have talents and most of us are passionate about at least one thing in life. Your passion might be for food, clothes, travel, painting, exercise or any number of things. If we could just find work that matches our talent and passion, life would be far more fulfilling.

Tea with Madeline

Celebrating the Kids Euro Fest

Extended hours means more programs to enjoy! Come and meet Madeline on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 1:30 p.m.We will put our spotlight on France to celebrate the Kids Euro Festival.Join us as we travel to Paris through the book Madeline's Tea Party. While in Paris, we will have our own tea party, and if time permits, we will also see Monet's garden with Linnea.

Oral Histories from the 'Gold Coast'

Happy Hour @ Lamond-Riggs

Please join us Wednesday evening Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.  Area resident Marvin T. Jones will be on hand to discuss his new film, The Gold Coast.

Volunteer for 50+ Program Series

The Anacostia and Lamond-Riggs libraries are currently seeking qualified volunteers for a new series of events designed by DC Public Library and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Foundation.

Joys of Summer Reading

And the winners are...

Those smiling faces are the result of the joys of summer reading.Moses, left, won a bag of special, hand-selected books, with the “Read to Me” portion of the program.

A Book Hanging in Space

Young Patrons at Lamond Riggs

"Look ... .there's the sky!" A young girl pointed and then exclaimed, "... and there's a book.

Join the High Five Book Club

Become a Star

Join the High Five book club and become a star. Read and write your way to the top! Be the first in your class/ on your block to earn your gold star pencil.Receive your High Five book mark and Join the "High Five" book club when you check out five books to read.

Back to School?

Don't Forget the Library!

Teachers/Educators: The library is here to assist you and your class. Please come by, we are waiting.Arrange a class visit to support the needs of your curriculum. Highlight tours are available, attainment of library cards, database demonstrations, how to do research, or just fun stories to encourage the joy of reading!

My Most Memorable Day

The Beach in January

Much of my childhood summers were spent at beaches in southern Maryland.  The family frequently visited Sandy Point but our two family favorites were Long View and Columbia Beach in St. Mary's County.One Sunday morning in January, I saw my mother placing picnic baskets on the kitchen table. When I asked her what she was doing, she answered, "We're going to the beach."