Celebrating "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" Podcast

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Celebrating "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" Podcast

Annual MLK Library tradition returns as a virtual event

Pictured: Martin Luther King, Jr. with his son, Martin Luther King III, and Walter Fauntroy on March 12, 1967 in a convertible at the start of a parade at Dunbar High School that ended at Cardozo High School. King was in D.C. to promote Fauntroy's MICCO program and Shaw neighborhood development.

Reverend Martin Luther King’s 1963 Letter from a Birmingham Jail was performed annually as a staged reading in the Great Hall of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library prior to its recent renovation. Today, we revive that tradition in a podcast, blending voices familiar and new, including DC Public Library staff and community members. Listen to this special podcast in celebration of MLK Week and Black History Month:

DC Public Library Presents: Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Voiced by (in order of appearance):
Maggie Gilmore, DC Public Library
Turner Freeman, DC Public Library
Phillip Bond, DC Public Library
Natalia Addison, DC Public Library
Derek Gray, DC Public Library
Deborah McKinney, DC Public Library
My Nguyen, DC Public Library
Nia Elaine Alsop, Student, Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Kelly Elaine Navies, Oral Historian (formerly of DCPL)
Jo Stallworth, DC Public Library
Emily Menchal, DC Public Library
Maria Jones, DC Public Library

Production credits:
Kelly Elaine Navies, Creator of the Letter from a Birmingham Jail staged reading
Turner Freeman, Director
Jo Stallworth, Stage Manager
Maggie Gilmore, Engineer
Robert LaRose, Producer