Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

The MLK Jr. Memorial Library closed on Saturday, March 4, 2017 for modernization: learn more at Interim services for the MLK Library (including the Library Express location, Special Collections, and the Memory Lab) began on Monday, May 8, 2017. Please visit for more information on interim services.

Check It or Leave It?

Episode 3: "Murder Within Murder"

Join Peter and TaChalla as they go back time in Murder Within Murder: A Mr. & Mrs. North Mystery by Richard and Frances Lockridge. 

Van Gogh Art for Kids

A STEAM Team Program

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with DC Public Library & Fantom Comics

Great Events All Month Long at the Library!

Heed your Generalissimo!  Mark your calendar for these great events celebrating the comics you love:

All Day Anime

A Free Comic Day Double Feature

What do a flying pig and a militant princess have in common?  Attend the All Day Anime double feature to find out!  Join us in Room A-3 at 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 1, as we celebrate one of anime's finest storytellers when we screen two of director Hayao Miyazaki's best works.

African Americans and Gentrification in Washington, D.C.

Race, Class and Social Justice in the Nation's Capital


D.C.'s Chinatown

On Exhibit in Special Collections

Featured: a Reading Group

May's Featured Articles

For our very first Featured meeting we’ll be looking at 3-D printing and copyright and patent issues.

Earth Day 2014

Celebrating our planet on April 22 and beyond!

Remember elementary school? Recess was your favorite subject, coloring was your favorite activity, and you got to have all kinds of carefree fun. You may have even learned about and celebrated Earth Day by planting trees or going on a field trip to the local botanical gardens. Well, what about now that you've added on a few years? Can you still enjoy the Earth in that same carefree spirit? I say yes!

You Can Help Save the Planet

Earth Day 2014

How can you help protect our environment?Small actions that we all do can make a big difference. Learn about the things that we can easily compost and recycle daily.  Eco kids can take the lead to make their family Earth savers by: 1.   Recycling2.   Composting3.   Learning about what is hazardous to our planet

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

Just in case it isn’t clear,National Poetry Month is here!We’re celebrating poetry every dayin the Children’s Room at MLK!Is there time to write some rhymes?Perhaps we should scribble a sonnet or two -Maybe I’ll try haiku.  How about you?Let’s read, and write, and read some more.Each page reveals an open door.The most wonderful news- you can have more than oneThere’s no need to choose, and we’re in for some fun.So pick a book from the shelf,try reading a few!Words spin and twirlas you weave them anew. Hey, look,you’re a poet!Wow!Who knew?This Saturday’s Family Fun Time was all about poetry.  We read a few poems, listened to stories about poets, and then decided that it was time to write some of our own.  We created book spine poems, assembled acrostics using our own version of (large-scale) magnetic poetry flashcards, and even decorated miniature books.  Some of our poets were also blossoming artists, and one used the word flashcards as a prompt for a sentence and illustration in each page of the book.  It was great fun, and everyone got to show off his or her creative side. Here are a few of the books that inspired us today:How to paint the portrait of a bird Red Sings from TreetopsHere's a little poem : a very first book of poetryA river of words : the story of William Carlos WilliamsThis is a poem that heals fish