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2023 Haiku Contest: Congratulations to this year's winning poets!

This April, DC Public Library celebrated National Poetry Month with the annual Haiku Contest! Nearly 1,000 residents ages 6 and up submitted an original haiku to their neighborhood library about something they observed or a moment in D.C., something they are grateful for, their experiences with the seasons or something small and wild. Winners were selected in the following age categories, Children (6-12), Teen (13-19) and Adult (20+). Click on each participating library below to see the winners!

Anacostia Library

Arriana | Child Winner

Mom and dad are best
They will feed and pamper me
I love them so much

De'Azia Washington | Teen Winner

Red leaves pool around
White tape cleaves the ground singing
Does justice make sound

Zion Keen | Adult Winner

My heart prepares to leap;
JUMPS - stuck behind my teeth
and on the tip of my tongue.

Capitol View Library

Gabby L. | Child Winner

DC’s cherry blossoms
Dance their scent in my nose, sniff,
I smile with joy, Spring.

Rejinae Mewborn | Teen Winner

I have done a lot today
As much as I can do today
Maybe tomorrow will be productive

Charles Randolph | Adult Winner

DC, Maryland & Virginia
built on a swamp, hills looking like mountain tops
mountain tops, with views

Cleveland Park Library

Asher F. | Child Spanish Language Winner

La flor bonita
que el sol calienta,
bebe el agua.

Emma B. | Child Spanish Language Winner

La noche negra
en un mundo bonito
brillan estrellas.

Stephanie M. | Child Spanish Language Winner

La noche negra
fue fría y miedosa,
vienen los lobos.

Jack O. | Child Winner

Hard-to-solve puzzles
One by one until it's done
Connect pieces--click!

Julia P. | Child Winner

D.C. spring time shines
Majestic cherry trees bloom
azaleas compete

Nadia W. | Child Winner

I love my tree
It is beautiful
It is the best tree

Alisson H. | Teen Winner

Delicate tulips
Blooming in primavera
By the Potomac

Mea P. | Teen winner

a rosy petal
comes flying into my view
And sits on my nose

Cait G. | Adult Winner

Winds swirling, blooms fall
Pink snow drifting past train cars
Landing at my feet

Randi K. | Adult Winner

They say peonies
droop their heads in shame. I think
beauty makes them shy.

Stephanie S. | Adult Winner

Achoo! Still, I sniff
Inhaling life and laughter
Blooming, like tulips

Scott B. | Adult Winner

Winds bending the branch
Dredging through, spring exploding
Cherry blossom bursts

Francis A. Gregory Library

Tova H. | Child Winner

Flowers bloom in the rain
Soul blooms with an idea
Babies born with soul

Shaia H. | Child Winner

The flowers start to bloom
Birds fly toward the horizon
Cycle of the sky

Caden R. | Child Winner

"Inside Out"
Inside, it is white.
I am Black; My soul is pure.
I love the outside!

Crystal Rogers | Teen Winner

A branch crunches down
in the damp soil, blossoming;
The trees awaken.

Chyann Wicker | Teen Winner

"My Pride Haiku"
Wow. I’m really proud
Marching boots costume and all.
My first. Standing tall

Julie Rones | Adult Winner

We must know what connects
Us to our past so we can
Crystallize our future!

Aressa V. Williams | Adult Winner

Good health, laughter, peace
Free gifts to a grateful heart
Armor for the soul

Georgetown Library

Ingrid K. | Child Winner

Speeding through the grass
Bushy tail twitching, he springs
The acorn is caught

Isabelle P. | Child Staff Favorite

You arch your branches -
In gentle yet solemn song -
A weeping willow

Maddie G. | Child Staff Favorite

The dark and cold sky.
The sound of water falling fast.
Lightning shining light.

Alice | Child Staff Favorite

When you hear something
deep inside the woods listen!
Tiny squirrel is near

Soham Joshi | Teen Winner

Memories of green
Fade away as the sun dims
Scarlet trees now reign

Margaret Torrey | Teen Staff Favorite

These words are my home
These books take away my fears
With them, I'm at home

Anna Lim | Teen Staff Favorite

in the night, rat paws
swarm sidewalks, brick roads, sewers
determined to live

Alessandra Viteri | Teen Staff Favorite

The sky turns grey
A window shakes, raindrops fall
beauty in the storm

Reagan Smith | Adult Winner

A silent greeting
On my early morning walk
My neighbor, the fox

E. Stahl | Adult Staff Favorite

A rat on the street
Pink blossoms swirl through the air
Petals brush his nose

Mary Otto | Adult Staff Favorite

Father gone but the wind
chime repaired with his fishing
line stirs in the breeze.

Julie Day | Adult Staff Favorite

Old brick rowhouses
Painted in many colors
Line my walk to work

Dan Sanclemente | Adult Spanish Language Winner

Viento me da paz
Sacude mis problemas
Y me renuevo

Lamond-Riggs/Lillian J. Huff Library

Ozioma A. | Child Winner

Allergies, they’re here
Pollen and bees, they are near
Allergies, Please go!

Lila | Child Winner

Owls go up, the sun goes down
Dreams are beautiful

Irena (Reeny) P. | Child Winner

Blue glimmering sea
Sun sets over the world
The moon rises slow

Katie | Teen Winner

Isn’t it lovely?
Blossoms blooming, the warm Sun
And to think summers just begun

Kevin Hackbarth | Adult Winner

In the dark loamy soil,
While forsaken food decays,
On wiggles the worm

Linda Olson Gray | Adult Winner

Always there, my mom.
When she died, I felt numb, lost
Time fades not her pull

Christina Echeverría Chen | Adult Spanish Language Winner

Always there, my mom.
When she died, I felt numb, lost
Time fades not her pull

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Carina A | Child Winner

Always there for me
Kindness and hope on my side
Grateful for her love

Elisa K | Child Winner

Beautiful blossoms
Bursting, growing, thriving, joy
Welcome spring flowers

Taylor | Child Winner

Be a bird like me
Lovely and free like me
Free lovely and free

Logan | Child Winner

Waves lapping the shore
So many shells in soft sand
Hidden coral found

Javeigh Hutchins | Teen Winner

Pretty pink flowers
Cherry blossoms in the air
The flowers in my hair

Sophia Hall | Teen Winner

rock creek park
hum of traffic silenced
softened by snow

Sophia Hall | Teen Winner

The breeze pull petals
away from a tree's flowers.
They lie on grey ground.

Elanor Lantner | Teen Winner

Bright bold splash of red
Robin in pastel petals
Spring is here at last.

Claire Gorman | Adult Winner

Plump bellies jiggling
Small toes run across loud streets
Whiskered rodent fleet

Timo Freeman | Adult Winner

The glowing chochin
Swinging in the spring night wind
Turns petals into snow

Jorge Araujo | Adult Winner

Mother of my child
Source of love and nourishment
Blessed be your night.

Antonia Balazs | Adult Winner

Moon and Monument
Capitol blushes facing
Walk through light and dark

Mt. Pleasant Library

Henry H. | Child Winner

Cherry blossoms bloom
What a dazzling display
Washington in spring

Isabella E. | Child Winner

The sun shines on me
When walking surrounded
By cherry blossoms in spring

Julian J. | Child Winner

The streaming water
Falling down the waterfall
Crashing the surface

Keyla L. | Child Winner

I admire the view
Waves splashing and boats floating
It’s all magical

Logan B. | Child Winner

Sometimes life is hard
So enjoy the times you like
And life can be sweet

Mina R. | Child Winner

Coolness fills the air
Scarves and sweaters everywhere
Fall weather is near

Valeria G. | Child Winner

The sun pours herself
Into the sea and the world
Overflows with light

Mekdelawit | Teen Winner

Spring was never the
Cause of our happiness
Our love for it was

Jennifer Dusenberry | Adult Winner

roses, violets
nature celebrates in blooms
across the city

Anne Marie Wells | Adult Winner

Cherry blossoms light
even the darkest alleys
with their confetti.

Jackie L | Adult Winner

A sea of humans
Swirling between the blossoms
Strangers yet the same

Aru | Adult Winner

Oh hello butterfly
Interrupting my reverie
With hope

Ryan Greenstein | Adult Winner

Gentle rushing stream
Beavers build, deer stare, lions roar
Ruckus of rock creek

Chad Dexter Kinsman | Adult Winner

Green green all around
Every year the same return
What has changed is me

Charlie Malloy | Adult Winner

Where family is
Doesn’t matter where or when
There is always love

Ella Rosenberg | Adult Winner

Wind blows through the city
Scattering petal carpets
Gone are the cherries

Helen Hubbard-Davis | Adult Winner

Rose pink, milky white
Flower petal glow at dusk
What comes next? I ask

Michelle Harburg | Adult Winner

Crickets singing joy
Grass dancing wild in the wind
A nature party

Northeast Library

Evalyn B. | Child Winner

Small, feisty, fearless
Squishy-belly follows me
Fair-haired dictator

Sebastian | Child Winner

I see the blossoms
Even the tiniest bud
Will be a flower

Abby S. | Teen Winner

The trees are quiet
The flowers don’t ever speak
But we hear their songs

Lucy Watkins | Teen Winner

Flowers burning bright
The tall white pillar standing
With fifty flags around

Cole Rinner | Adult Winner

Paw prints in the snow
The cherry blossoms will fall
And the cats will play

Bob Dardano | Adult Winner

Logan Circle cracks
with footsteps and bocce balls
across the acorns

Lisa Turner | Adult Winner

Squeak, squeak go my shoes
Everyone stares as I pass.
Still, I love the rain!

Casey Hellman | Adult Winner

Tiny does not mean
tame. I have known ants with more
moxie than lions.

Palisades Library

Victoria A. | Child Winner

In the dark night sky
Beautiful, glimmering specks
A constellation

Renata G. | Child Winner

The river runs fast
To the ocean clear and blue
Just for me and you

Sienna A. | Child Funniest Haiku

Powdery amber
Floating through the crystal skies
Ah Ah Ah Ahchoo!

Callie Solomon | Teen Winner

Green grass blows in wind
Pink buds grow into flowers
Blue water sparkles

Cleopatra Alexander | Adult Winner

Lincoln looking gaunt
Continues to offer solace
To those who look up

Tanisha Payne | Adult Winner

Woke up Saturday
Went in to print documents
Fayeth was a great help!



Petworth Library

Annika D. | Child Winner

A scurrying squirrel
Fighting and playing all day
On the walnut tree

Rafael Hernandez | Teen Winner

The earthquakes birth me
We, the waves, begin to grow.
The deep disappears

Amir Blissett | Adult Winner

Feel the sun birds sing
vocals traveling the air
Just so we can hear

Rosa Maria de Ibarra | Adult Spanish Language Winner

Tu llenas mi ser
Con tu amor todo es
Tus labios mi paz

Southeast Library

Lila R. | Child Winner

The leaves are green here,
In Washington I can hear:
Squawk, tweet, coo. Listen

August R. | Child Runner-Up

Cormorant funny
You make me laugh when you dive
Could you share your fish?

Kate M. | Child Runner-Up

It’s cherry season
Petals fall like spring snow
Blanket of pale pink

Ariana A. | 2nd Grade Winner, Brent Elementary School

Banana ate grape
With suspense and happiness
For him and his heart

Sybil O. | 2nd Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

This is a bad day
The squirrels are freaking me out
Bird poops on my head

Harper S. | 2nd Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

The wind blows so far
It brushes against my hair
The wind is so cold

Calla J. | 3rd Grade Winner, Brent Elementary School

Shiny shells and waves
And secrets now washed away
The oceans are back

Aurora R. and Charlotte H. (co-authored) | 3rd Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

Seasons come and go
Bringing sunshine, rain, and snow
Things die and things grow

Lynden K. | 3rd Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

Oh, cherry blossoms
Bringing joy to all who pass
Tickled softly pink

Alejandra S. | 4th Grade Winner, Brent Elementary School

Flowers glistening
Petals shine with morning dew
And the world turns pink

Aleena F. | 4th Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

Flowers glistening
Petals shine with morning dew
And the world turns pink

Kate F. | 4th Grade Runner-Up, Brent Elementary School

During springtime it’s warm
Cherry blossoms cover the city
Rain becomes puddles

Portland Range | Teen Winner

We left the playground
On an unexpected walk
As the sun burned me

Harshi Hettige | Adult Winner

Hair curls stems unfurl
One drop splashes an eyelash
Offers a fresh view

Tate Crowards | Adult Runner-Up

Velvet and supple
Dew drops, light breeze, soft perfume
Life of a petal

Edith Zelaya | Adult Runner-Up

Frasier my hero
Caught a mouse in your mouth
I should bow to you

Southwest Library

Nicholas Woolston | Child Winner

Flowers seem so bright
blooming and so full of life
then they blow away

Lyndze Jenkins | Teen Winner

Peak a boo, I see
how her trees are mellow and free
Speak to me with glee

Cassandra Folmar | Adult Winner

Sticks slap ice, puck slides
Pass it to Ovecheckin kssh . . .
Ahh. Crowds roar, ears buzz.

Laura Singer | Adult Winner

"Something I'm Grateful For"
I beat the system.
No foster care to Prison.
My mentors saved me.

Aaron Morgan | Adult Winner

Night at the Monument
Love blossoms a moment captured
Two hands together

Tenley-Friendship Library

Ellie V. | Child Winner

A shining puddle
Wrath from the sky and planet
The start of new life

An Chi Ngo | Teen Winner

Pink petals falling,
Softly landing on the ground,
Spring's fleeting beauty.

Wendy Jordan | Adult Winner

Rabbits bound, birds soar
Buds burst open to the sun
Spring uncoils like wire

Shaw/Watha T. Daniel Library

Waverly H. | Child Winner

A great time for kites
the spring--cold, windy, cherry
blossoms bloom here.

Ignacio Martinez | Teen Winner

As the sky grows dark
DC glows with vibrant hues
Never seems to sleep

Ania Zolyniak | Adult Winner

Total traffic halt
An imperial procession
A duck on 17th

West End Library

Mizuki | Child Winner

The beautiful birds
There are lots of them who chirp
Flying in the sun.

Avery Dennison | Teen Winner

Your essence could not
Be a perfume, without you
Blossoms did not bloom.

Julia Hand | Adult Winner

Do you think it hurts
When spring petals stretch to bloom?
What a sacrifice.

Audiences: All Ages
Type: Stories