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Job-hunting at Your Library!

How Your Library Can Help You Score Your Next Job

“I have never had to write a resume, why should I write one?” “What’s a cover letter and do I need to submit one?” “I’m newly out of retirement, how do I start my job search?”

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Conquering Computers at Your Library!

New Class Series at Northwest One

"I just don't know what I don't know."  Many patrons of the Northwest One Neighborhood Library express this sentiment in regards to computers and wrapping their heads around the ever-present piece of technology. Staff of the library decided to create a curriculum of learning and understanding, starting at the very basic components of a computer, to helpful tools, such as Google and its various applications.

History of the Ladies Night Book Club

It all started ten years ago, when library technicians Darnelle Perry and Martha Robinson came up with the idea to hold a book club at the newly-opened Northwest One Neighborhood Library.

Things Fall Apart

Historical...ish Fiction

A little bit of history with a dash of magic and monsters

What can be called historical fiction? The lines are somewhat blurry and open to interpretation. How long ago do the events in the book have to take place?

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Rebel Readers

Uncensored books for the uncensored mind

Explicit language, homosexuality, politics, violence. Just a few reasons why certain books are deemed unsuitable for society by the "conservative" reader. Imagine what our world be like if we did not have those who dared to push the envelope? As Banned Books Week approaches, let us take some time out of our busy day to honor those authors who not only crossed the line, but erased it. But let's not limit that acknowledgement to authors in the United States. Let's cross our borders and look at writers around the world who shook things up in their homeland. Enjoy! 

Graphic Novels Are Books Too

Graphic Novels for Readers Who Don't Like Graphic Novels

I have a love-hate relationship with graphic novels. On the one hand the stories are just as great as the non-graphic novels. On the other, what's with all the pictures? I am told they are supposed to enhance the story which I suppose is true, but sometimes it feels as if my mind was made up for me. Being a librarian pretty much implies that I am a book lover and I cannot discriminate against my literature babies. I'm not a monster! So I have decided to give these graphic novels a try and thought I would share my experience with you. Happy Reading!

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Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party/Back to School Celebration

On Tuesday, August 30, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., there will be a Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party at the Northwest One Library. This party is for ALL ages as the summer reading program was for ALL ages.  This party will also be our Back to School celebration!  We will have local artist Rajan Sedalia for our special guest.  He will be drawing caricatures of children. In addition, we will have a crafts table, a games table, a Library Information table, and snacks.

3-D Spinning Tops  (Craft)

Keeping Cool This Summer at the Northwest One Library

Turning What We Learned From Books into Fun and Easy Crafts

Library Associate, Janelle Ricks teamed up with FPCS (Armstrong Campus) to make reading and learning fun using crafts, demonstrations, and short quizzes.   Week 1 - “3D Spinning Top (Illusions)”

Summer Performer

"The Uncle Devin Show" at the Northwest One Library

Friendship Public Charter School Camp

On June 28, the Northwest One Library was honored to have Uncle Devin perform "The Uncle Devin Show" for an audience of over 70 people, including a camp group from Friendship Public Charter School. Students joined us as we hosted  this spectacular event for our public audience. Children in attendance ranged in age from 3 to 10 and all enjoyed the program with enthusiasm.

Summer Reading Display

Follow The Route

Northwest One Has Summer Reading All Mapped Out

Need some suggestions or want some fun programs to attend this summer? Well, stop into the Northwest One Library and view our map or pick up a calendar. We have lots of exciting things going on this summer! We've created an optional map you can follow. It's sure to help guide you to cross the finish line of Summer Reading 2016! Map Keys: Ballons - Represent our Summer Reading Kick-Off and Midpoint