Information Sources About Native Americans

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Information Sources About Native Americans

Researching Native Americans?  Here are some potential sources.


Chief Joseph: Nez Perce Leader
Crazy Horse
Tecumseh: A Life
The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull


1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
500 Nations: An Illustrated History of North American Indians
The Earth Shall Weep: A History of Native America
In the Hands of the Great Spirit: The 20,000-Year History of American Indians
The Native Americans: An Illustrated History


Native American Cooking: Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations
Everyday Life of the North American Indians
Life in the Pueblos
Women in American Indian Society
This Land Was Theirs: A Study of North American Indians
Native Universe: Voices of Indian America


Mysteries of the Ancient Americas: The New World Before Columbus
Search for the First Americans
Ancient Pueblo Peoples

Native White Relations

Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-1992
Federal Indian Policy
That All People May Be One People, Send Rain to Wash the Face of the Earth


Native American Worldviews: An Introduction

Photographic Records

Spirit Capture: Photographs from the National Museum of the American Indian

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Some Websites About Native Americans

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