André Colter

André Colter, Photo 1 - SELECT to zoom André Colter, Photo 2 - SELECT to zoom André Colter, Photo 3 - SELECT to zoom
Photographed by Anika Rice, age 18
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André was homeless for ten years. He grew up in D.C. but spent a lot of time in South Carolina. During high school, he was introduced to drug usage and had some “wild” times. He became homeless because of a crack addiction, which took over his life.

On the streets, André had some tough experiences that included getting beaten up and having burning hot coffee thrown on him. But a positive aspect of his homelessness is that he has been able to build a network of people he can count on. Being homeless gave him a new perspective on life.

André hopes to go back to school and get his bachelor’s degree and possibly a master’s degree. He also wants to open a transitional home for homeless people.

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