Doggie Diaries VIII: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries VIII: Adventures at the Library

Pup-a-RooPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog readingPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog reading in the library
From Pup-a-Roo’s Diary: Wednesday September 22, 2010

Good Afternoon. My name is Pup-a-Roo (cute, I know!), and I am a newly certified PAL Volunteer. I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (a mouthful, right?), and I am 2 ½ years old. This means I am a teenager! I love to give kisses (smooch, smooch!), and I love to get scratched behind my long, floppy ears. I have very unique feet… they look like Dr. Seuss feet, don’t you think?

I had a lot of fun meeting all the kids at the library tonight. Those Chevy Chase children are excellent readers. Miss Julie is a good reader, too! She read Wag by Patrick McDonnell. I loved that little dog that wagged his tail whenever he wanted to express himself. I sat mesmerized through the whole story. A young reader read Dashing Dog! by Margaret Mahy to me, another excellent choice.

When I left the library, I was smiling, my tail was wagging, and I had some unexplained glitter jazzing up my derriere. What a ball I had!

Until the next time!

Photo of Pup-a-Roo the dog enjoying a storyPhoto of Pup-a-Roo with PAL scarfPhoto of Pup-a-Roo apres story

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