Take Time to Read at DC Public Library Read-In

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Take Time to Read at DC Public Library Read-In

On October 2, stop by your neighborhood library for the first annual Read-In: DC Loves to Read, a city-wide celebration showcasing the joy of reading.

“People may not think they have time to read,” said Ginnie Cooper, chief librarian for the District of Columbia. “At the Read-In, in addition to having fun reading, people will learn tips on how to weave reading into their busy schedules.”

Advances in technology, such as eBooks and downloadables, allow people to read on the go. And studies have shown that reading for pleasure activates the creative side of the brain, while reading for work or school stimulates the analytical side. By using both sides of the brain, a person is better able to communicate and problem solve.

Read-In events are scheduled at 17 library locations across the city. They include a discussion on the future of the book, readings by local authors, workshops on self-publishing books and an edible book contest. Learn more about the Read-In