Have Your Book, and Eat It, Too

Chevy Chase Library

Have Your Book, and Eat It, Too

The Chevy Chase Library will be having an Edible Book Contest on Saturday, October 2, at 1 p.m.

What is an Edible Book Contest?

An edible book contest is a fun and creative way to celebrate reading. Express yourself through a literary culinary creation: whether it's an edible version of your favorite book’s cover, a yummy pun on its title, or a reference to a scene or character.

What are the contest guidelines?

1. Your edible book creation is...edible!
2. Your edible book is family-friendly.
3. Your creation has something to do with a book.
4. You disclose the ingredients of your edible book.

So, when should I be there?

1 p.m. – The judging begins.

Anything else going on that day?

While the Judges are deciding, learn how to make fondant.

What are the prizes?

First prize is a free cake from Bread and Chocolate!

Other Prizes include gift cerificates from Child's Play and Starbucks!

How do I register?

Call a participating library to register and for more information on their contest and prizes.

I can't make it to Chevy Chase. Which other libraries are participating?

Three DC Public Libraries are holding contests the same day: Chevy Chase Library, Mt. Pleasant Library and Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library.