Doggie Diaries IX: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries IX: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Harpo the dog licking his chopsPhoto of Harpo the Dog and a little girl at the libraryPhoto of Harpo the dog and a little boy at the library
From Harpo’s Diary: Wednesday September 29, 2010

Hey. What’s happening? It’s Harpo here. I got all spiffed up to go to the library tonight, sporting my festive “If you can read this, then you better get petting” bandanna. Ha. Ha. Appropriate attire for the library, I thought! I debated whether to wear that one or my PAL one. I think I made the right choice, don’t you? Maybe I’ll switch it up next time. I like to keep stylish.

I am a Labro-doodle. My mother was a Lab, and dad was a poodle. I am seven years old. I am known as the “Sweetest Dog in the World.” Well, golly. That’s enough to make a fellow blush. I try to live up to my reputation and think I was at my most charming this evening at the library. I fanned Miss Julie with my tail while she read, Benjy and his Friend Fifi by Margaret Bloy Graham. I thought it was the least I could do.

And I sat like a perfect gentleman when a little girl read Bark, George  by Jules Feiffer to me. I think my favorite book of the night was That’s Not My Puppy…   by Fiona Watt . It is a touchy-feely book and the dog on the front was soft and furry, just like me! I noticed a suspicious bite out of the spine. I hope Miss Julie doesn’t think I did that! I am very responsible with my library books. Besides, my teeth marks don’t look like that.

Well, I’m a creature of habit and, according to my schedule; it’s time to wish my neighbors a good afternoon.

Happy days to all,

Photo of Harpo the dog reading with a boyPhoto of Harpo the dog readingPhoto of Harpo the dog resting

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